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Fake My Beauty Diary Masks

There are so many imitation facial masks nowadays. A girl has to educate herself to keep her face safe. From my online research & own observation, there are a few ways to pick out the fake My Beauty Diary masks.

1. Clear & precise seams
Most fake (I assume) masks I see have unclear seams or they look like someone manually did them and was in a hurry.

This is how it should look like. The edge must be straight and you can clearly see all of the lines/dots. It also shouldn't be lopsided or getting thinner towards one end.

2. Embossed manufacturing date
The manufacturing date must be visible from the front. It should pop up, not printed on. The date on some authentic ones (bought from Guardian) are not full but still partially pops up.

3. Kink same distance from the top
This one, I'm quite sure of. Since imitation masks don't have quality control, if you compare a few of them, the kinks on the packet aren't the same distance from the top. The distance varies from 1 cm - 3 cm. Comparing real ones will show that they are all located at the same spot.

4. Clear pictures and words
Apparently, the key, Chinese characters and pictures must be clear as well but if you look at this mask from Guardian, the key is not very clear. In fact, the clearness of the key differs among the masks from the same box. However, I wouldn't take the risk if they look too blur.

5. Appearance of sheet
If it clears all of the above but you find that the sheet itself looks and smells different from the previous ones you've used, it's best not to use it.

You do not know what they put inside imitation masks. They could be using dirty water or harmful substances. Perhaps the masks were also made in unsanitary conditions. These fake masks may give you skin problems, irritations etc so do not fall for the lower price and promises of it being real. Please check it yourself.

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  1. i never thought that MBDM have imitations too.. thanks for the info hun


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