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ColorVUE 3 Tone Contact Lens (Blue)

I love wearing contact lenses. They are very capable of changing the way you look completely (Remember The Princess Diaries?).

Bigger Eyes Sexy Looks

Now, doesn't that sound tempting? =P Some people are afraid of wearing contact lenses as it feels uncomfortable but these ColourVUE lenses have a high oxygen permeability so you can look pretty without sacrificing comfort.

I actually like the box. It's so pretty.

I settled with 5.50, which is a little lower than my real power cos I was desperate for blue lenses =_=

Actually I was a bit disappointed cos it's not as opaque as I wanted. There was no sample for this particular one so I couldn't see it first =(

Without flash, you can't really see the blue colour but with flash, it appears as a dark blue. I like the combination of the blue and yellow. You don't have to worry about this looking fake as it's very natural looking. It's not very pixellated either so it's not so weird when you take pictures close to your face. This lens doesn't offer enlarging effects as the diameter is normal and there isn't a circle so I guess it's meant to be natural looking?

Moisture wise, this is average. My eyes are quite dry so I can't wear this for really long hours but it's tolerable. Definitely less drying than the Logic lens. For people with normal eyes, this is good =)

Diameter : 14.00 mm
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Bought from : Malaya Optical
Made in Korea

Pros : Natural looking, not very pixellated, not too dry, pretty colour
Cons : No enlarging effect, not opaque enough

My conclusion : ColourVUE lenses are not bad! ^_^ For people who like natural eyes without much enlargement, you can try this.
** Product was given by Malaya Optical as a contest prize. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. i like this picture of you and the lenses look really good! Did you wear bottom lashes or is that the works of a mascara? I need to get me some if its mascara! =D

  2. Yeah.. Except my hair's in my face =_= Dunno why it always happens lol

    I don't own any bottom falsies =/ I feel they look really fake and weird on me (although I have not tried them). This is smudged eyeliner & Maybelline Magnum Super Film mascara. Actually it's kinda dirty looking lol! Had to darken the bottom cos I was wearing falsies earlier on =P


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