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Earth Hour

As most of you would know, it was Earth Hour just now (in Malaysia, anyway). Did you turn off your lights?? I did. Except important ones like the porch light and the one for the stairs. The TV was off, no radio and only one fan.

I also turned off the computer & modem.

*gasp!* =O you what?!?!

Yes, I did.. My modem is rarely off but it was for an hour lol

Good for you!

Anyway, I read some pretty discouraging comments about Earth Hour and thought I'll comment on them.

I don't think Earth Hour is actually to save electricity for that one hour. It's more of having everyone show their support and love for the environment together. It also creates awareness among the people.

I support Earth Hour (or at least try to anyway) and I care about the environment but the environment doesn't come before my life. So stop with all the "If you care so much about the environment, why don't you stop eating meat / don't use electricity forever / go naked / don't use papers / stop blogging?". At least I'm reducing the damage done and I'm putting in a tiny bit of effort. What have YOU done?!


Okay, with that out of the way.. I would like to tackle the common question "What am I going to do without the computer/lights/TV/radio/internet?". Well, I put on a mask, lie down and relax. With the electrical appliances off, it's amazingly quiet and calm. Guess what? I heard my clock tick! I never knew it ticked O_O I guess it was drowned in the sounds coming out of the TV, radio, phone & computer all this while. Try it. You'll be surprised.

What did you do during Earth Hour?


  1. i just online as usual~~ wahahah

  2. I spent earth hour in my car, driving around for one hour..but I turned off my computer, house lights, modem..well, all of it! XD haha..
    yep, definitely agree. a lot of people go like 'meehh, it's only one hour. what good will it do?' That pisses me off. They had no idea how much help they are contributing by doing just that. >_<


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