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Cyleina Kojic Acid Soap

I got my first Cyleina soap on June 8th last year. I remember the first one I dived into was the Cyleina Kojic soap cos I was very into whitening back then. But now I don't really care anymore. However, I wouldn't mind my face being a lil fairer / my body getting darker so they actually match =_=

Thinking back, I can't believe I've been using soaps from Alice (BubblezShoppe) for nearly a year! Being the curious me, I usually don't stick to things for long. But I have found myself liking her organic soaps a lot. I still have a big bag of them and absolutely cannot wait to try the next one ^_^

Idiotic moment : I even gave a Cyleina Strawberry soap to my friend as a parting gift. Very stupid. She was going to Australia, where they don't allow any sort of fruit/plant with seeds etc. And why would she bring SOAP to another country? You can just buy them there *smacks self*

Anyway... On to the review. Picture from Alice.

This soap lathers okay but I wouldn't say it was as creamy as the others. Initially it smelt citrusy (yum!) but it has lost the scent now. Doesn't smell bad though.

Cos of the flat and squarish shape, I would recommend cutting them into fours so it's easier to hold. Half is fine too but it's gonna be hard to use it when its flat and long lol

I keep my soaps in an open container (KFC mashed potatoes ones are good). They dry fast and don't turn soft & mushy. If you intend to cover your soaps, make sure you leave it open long enough to dry before covering it or else it will just 'melt' with the water.

So Kojic Acid is supposed to help with skin whitening. I don't actually believe in whitening products. Yes, you can return your skin to it's natural colour if you have a tan but you're not going any fairer than that. I believe products like this only speed up the process of getting your original colour back.

I would say this soap worked. I had some super dark spots on my knees, elbows and feet (scrubbed against covered school shoes). After using it for a while, they were less obvious and now it's so much better! I only use this on my body so it's fairer than my face =_= But don't know if that's the exact cause.

The reason I don't use this on my face? It's drying =( My face will dry up and flake after prolonged usage. My body feels kinda dry too but it's not as important as my face! Lol It containing exfoliating ingredients doesn't help either.

Product says : Kojic acid and green papaya extracts whiten and exfoliate rough and dry skin. A refreshing astringent with softening action that reduces fine lines and evenly tones skin.
Size : 120 g
Price : RM 20 (Wait for promotions! They're always on)
Bought from : BubblezShoppe
Made in Phillipines

Pros : Whitening, smells good, doesn't turn mushy with water
Cons : Drying

My conclusion : If you want to quickly un-tan your skin, I guess this is a good try ^_^ Can't guarantee positive results though! Avoid if your skin is very dry and I wouldn't recommend this for your face.


  1. i have tried a kojic soap too though not cyleina. i have to say that not only do i find it drying but it stings so much that i dreaded reaching for it the time that i was testing it

    but i have to say that it is indeed very effective in lightening the skin

  2. Actually sometimes when I use it on my face, it stings a little as well =( Too bad. I really want my face to be lighter. Foundations look weird on me lol

  3. Great review!! Nice blog too...I'm following :D
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  4. Hi Rakhshanda. Thanks for following. Would like to view your website but when I click on it, it says your account has been suspended?

  5. i love the honey oatmeal. Tho actually I got too many Lush solid soaps i shouldnt buy any more soaps till i habis it -_-

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