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Buffet Lunch @ Umai-Ya

Every weekend, Umai-Ya has buffet lunches & dinners. Finally got to try it cos Nicole wanted to eat sushi when we went to Malaya Optical yesterday (now she's regretting cos didn't eat Village Park lol).

This is not a 'take all you can from the buffet table' buffet. You're given a paper where you select your choices of food and they will serve it to you so it's fresh. So what did we do while waiting? Camwhore, of course =_=

I didn't take pics of everything cos too busy stuffing my mouth with yummy food but here's part of it.

Sashimi! And that red fish roe sushi thingy. Sashimi here is still as fresh as during my previous visits. Love!

Some fried tofu thingy. Was abit sickening =_=

Nicole's Dragon Maki.

Unagi tempura. Nicole's but I stole one piece and it's so yummeh! Warning : Do not order FOUR plates of this unless you have a really big stomach or four like a cow.

Soft shell crab tempura. This was nice also! Not as oily as the unagi one and the flesh is so sweet.

More salmon & fish roe thingy. I tell you.. The fish roe here is special!

Look! It's so clear and sparkly and prettyyy... I feel like I'm eating Nemo.

Cos we were so absolutely stuffed and couldn't eat anymore, we decided to order green tea ice cream.

Buffet is RM 48++ per person. Lunch is from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Don't waste food! For every 500 g you waste, you gotta pay an additional RM 5. This is really good cos people tend to waste food during buffets. It's advisable to make a reservation as there can be a lot of people.

After Malay Optical, we headed back to my house in SS2 and stopped by Dessert Go Go / Hong Kong Dessert =_= Can't believe we could still eat and are such pigs.

Black sesame tong sui with sweet rice ball, RM 7.

Shiny... Can even see my camera's reflection! How cool is that? xD

Nicole's mung bean + sweet rice ball tong sui, RM 6.50.

That's all for now.. =)


  1. yummy, japanese food! The price is pretty good considering it's a buffet and japanese food never comes cheap! =D

  2. OMG... I should have joined you. Missed out on a lot of things. By the way, dearie, have you ever tried eyelash extension? I'm pretty interested and there's this beauty salon somewhere in Kota Damansara that's offering like RM58 for eyelash extension together with hand massage. Normal price RM158. Sounds pretty good to me!

  3. lolllllllll

    quote"Unagi tempura. Nicole's but I stole one piece and it's so yummeh! Warning : Do not order FOUR plates of this unless you have a really big stomach or four like a cow."

    hinting ppl i ordered 4 plates grrrrrrr

  4. @ Angel
    Ngek ngek ngek.. I also went to a warehouse sale and bought Clinelle stuff xD Nope. Never try b4. But I heard it's troublesome lo. When some drops off you gotta pay for 'refills' and they're not cheap. Also, you cant use oil based makeup remover so you can't use eyeliners or tough eyeshadows =(

    @ Nicole
    LOL I din say anything hor.. xD

  5. hi thanks so much for visiting me :)

    yummm your lunch looks so delicious especially that soft shell crab yummm!!

    i'm following you now would love for you to follow me too!


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