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OPI Nail Envy Review

I hate it when I break a nail... =_= I've been very careful ever since I broke like 13487237 nails opening car doors / canned drinks / seat belts / bottles / plastic caps (seals?) / boxes. I let my guard down for one split second while opening a cab door and this happens. That familiar pain shot through my finger and I just knew.. Didn't even wanna look at it =_= Urgh!

I especially hate this kind that tears your nail off your nail bed. My nails are getting shorter and shorter =( Nnoooo~~~~

Fear not! OPI Nail Envy to the rescue!!

This little bottle of golden elixir will make everyone envious of your long nails. It's a nail strengthener that makes your nails harder and stronger so they don't break so easily. There are many products like this but not all of them work. Okay, my nails weren't so soft to begin with but after applying this, they're so much harder! I used to break my nails a few times per month but now that has been reduced to once every 1-3 months! ^_^

I love that the brush is flat, which makes application easy. It's super smooth, dries fast and leaves your nails shiny. I'm so glad my aunt bought this for us. If she didn't, I would have gone through my life not knowing about this treasure! =(

Size : 15 ml
Made in USA

Pros : Works to harden & strengthen nails, flat brush, smooth application, dries fast, shiny
Cons : -

My conclusion : Absolutely love this! Must have if you have soft nails and wish to let them grow long.


  1. i just broke my ring fingernail last saturday. i know that i can just fix it by using nail glue & teabag but i decided not to since my nails has a very bad nail stains...i guess it's also my fault because i wasn't using my nail hardener as often as i need to..hehe

    it's a good thing that this is working fine for you!

  2. yes nail strengthener really works! im using sally hansen one for years, it kinda protects the nail alot, no yellowish nail too!

    xoxo elle

  3. oouch,that's your real nail right?? That's gotta hurt! >__< I hate when that happens.. good thing OPI nail envy comes to the rescue huh? =)

  4. @ Elle
    Does it protect from kunyit as well? haha.. My nails turn yellow every time I eat something containing that spice.

    @ aisyah
    YES! T_T Not first time sumore. haih.. too bad I wasnt using this as diligently BEFORE I broke my nail lol

  5. omg~ I need tis stuff very bad for my poor nails~ but when u get this?

  6. My aunt gave this to me some time back.. It's pretty expensive to buy from shops so I think buying online is much better.


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