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NOTD : Orange Leopard Spots

I've always wanted to do leopard nail art but never bothered trying cos it looked hard. But then I found out that it was actually really simple!

Products used : Wet n Wild light gold nail polish, Sasatinnie orange nail polish & black nail art pen from night market.
I used the gold as base and an 'orange peel orange' dotted on with the back of a nail art brush. Fluorescent orange was my first choice but it didn't look as good. Depending on your nail size,  I think 3-4 dots per nail is good. Don't make the dots too small or it'll look a lil weird and out of proportion.

Practise drawing on tissue first.. lol I basically just drew C, smaller c, dots, O or wobbly lines. You don't have to draw perfectly around the orange circle but overlap the orange as well. I would suggest dotting to form the C/line as we don't want a clean straight line. Natural animal prints are not perfect so don't worry too much.

If you can't see my nails clearly, here's a lil diagram lol I don't think you need it but also for my own future reference in case I forget LOL

Step 1 : Round dots, doesn't matter if it's not round or perfectly shaped.
Step 2 : I used 3 types of circles here. Draw where the dots look bad xD
a - Normal C shape
b - Half C on both sides
c - Broken C shape (sorry gap isn't obvious)
Step 3 : Fill in the spaces between the spots
d - Small c
e - O shape
f - Random wobbly line (sometimes I do a jagged i as well). You can see it on my middle finger's nail.

What do you think? Does it look like leopard print? Lol

I think my colour combination was a bit odd but I like that the orange stands out ^_^ You can experiment with other colours yourself. I actually had quite a nice time painting this as I didn't have to wait for layers and layers to dry. Lower chance of me wrecking it xD


  1. you have really nice cuticles! i notice cos mine is terribly dry and it irks me whenever i take a close shot of my nails -.- i love your design! looks like its done in a salon!

  2. Lol! Have never noticed that before. In fact, I've always thought they were a lil dry.


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