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It's Out!!

Lol~ Sorry for the excitement. First time seeing my pic in a magazine xD Cleo Feb 2011 issue.

I don't quite like my picture though. If you read my blog, you will know that it looks kinda different from how I usually look like o_O Even my brother agrees lol And one of my eyes is smaller x_x But many thanks to Cleo for the experience and opportunity ^_^ Btw, some of the other girls had a major change and they look fabulous! Get a copy now to check it out =)


  1. WOW that's so cool how you're in a magazine, Cleo magazine is awesome! There's Cleo here in Australia but it wouldn't be the same as the one over there so I won't get to see your picture lol >< You look great by the way

  2. You look different, no doubt! I like the color, but I like the style you're sporting in your blog profile picture at the moment..not so much into the middle part thing.. Anyway, you're one courageous girl! =D It gives me the chills thinking of magazine photoshoots..

  3. That is really cool! Congrats! =)
    The picture is pretty, too =)

    Andrée xx

  4. Wow! Amazing opportunity! Congrats!

  5. i think you look lovely in the picture! can't avoid those excessive retouching in magz, but the experience of appearing in a mag will be something to rmb!

  6. Thanks all! ^_^

    Same here aisyah.. I didn't like the center parting. It's hard to style my hair cos I have a high forehead =( I was quite bad at the photoshoot LOL malunya..


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