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NOTD : Rainbow

There are only 7 colours in the rainbow so I've added some of my own lol

Most are Emily brand from night market cos they're available in so many shades o.0

Initial swatch on tissue

I've been having weird dreams lately. Few days ago I dreamt that I had awesome nail art and then I realised that my nails were almost 2 inches long so I had to clip them but it would mean that I would ruin my nail art and I was like noooooooo~~~ >_<


  1. kakakakaka, i hardly dream, should i happy or not??

  2. That is too cute!! I might try this out one day.

  3. lovely!
    it's it's so bright & vivid!

    i also had a dream before that i already had the delsol changing polish on my nails!

  4. hey my friend got me some Emily brand nail polishes from china too!!!! i wouldn't say they are good in quality but the color variants are fantastic :D

  5. Wow, pretty! And I LOLed at your dream eheh!


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