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La Eau Mini Eyeliner Pencil (Black)

I think this eyeliner is really old cos it's my first one. It comes in white, gray and black. Before I purchased it, I was already informed that the plastic caps are all cracked but I didn't mind cos it's so darn cheap. If I'm not mistaken, mine was only RM 3.

It's quite hard & scratchy actually. Don't know how I used it before this >_< It's not very pigmented but you can redraw over the line (demonstrated by the 3 lines below my name). I like it because it has glitter but sometimes the glitter can get everywhere, especially after removal. Oh yeah, it smudges bad. Even by pressing my finger on the swatch, some of it transferred onto my finger.

Here's how it looks like on my eye. It's quite hard to use and if you have sensitive lids, they may turn red.

It looks gray since it's not very pigmented so I attempted to do a smokey eye by smudging it all over the lid. Bad idea lol It wasn't even and there was glitter all over my lid.

Price : < RM 5
Bought from :

Pros : Cheap, has glitter
Cons : Smudges, fades, hard, scratchy, not pigmented, bad cap
My conclusion : Definitely not repurchasing, not even for the price. Eyeliners do last a bit so spending more on a better one is more worth it.

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  1. aww...I knew it would bad! the price tag is scary enough..(>__<) But thanks for the save~Would not buy this! hee


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