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Seller Review : Tanks for 5

Some time back, I purchased some tank tops from Tanks for 5. There was a hype about this blogshop but I didn’t bother to check it out cos RM 5 tank tops were simply impossible. Until… I went to the blog and omg! The tops were only RM5! So I browsed through and ordered a few (how could I resist?). The owner was nice enough to hold onto the tops for me while I accumulate my orders (which took several days and perhaps over a week =x).

If you're wondering how come the prices are so low, I was curious enough to ask and the owner said she bought everything in bulk to keep the cost low. So there are probably dozens of girls having the same top as you but I have not encountered anyone else wearing the same ones yet lol

The quality surprised me for the price. My favs were the purple leopard & zebra and blue of butterflies & leopards. They were very stretchable and oh-so-comfy. I wear them out with friends, to college or just a simple trip to Giant. Most of the tops are racerback tanks although sometimes there are spaghetti tops and halters.

It seems that now they are also selling other stuff like necklaces and My Lip Stuff lipbalms.

Do check them out if you haven’t already

Here's some photos of me wearing my favourite pieces

This is a striped long top, very very soft! I pair this with shorts or skinny pants. It's a little sheer though. I'm also wearing a hoodie with it in the first pic. I like this hoodie! It's so comfy. This tank was the only RM 7 item because it's long.

Next is the Purple Leopard & Zebra

This is the Blue Of Butterflies & Leopards

My plaid spaghetti top. This isn't very stretchable and it's a little tight for me. Somehow it managed to stretch out (or I lost weight again) and it's not so tight anymore.

The last piece, a brown/dark gray partially see through top. This is also a lil tight on me. It has a tendency to roll up to my waist =/ Ok I think I really lost weight cos this also feels bigger.

Urgh.. After browsing the website, I feel like getting moooorre! But I'm so broke at the moment (and shopping ban!). And my sis says I don't need anymore clothes. But that's not true! A girl can never have too many clothes =) I'm liking some of the tops there but cannot buy (ahh.. the agony lol)

*The below items were still in stock when I took the photos but if the link doesn't work, it means the item has been sold

Some others I find cute & worth checking out :
Camo Shorts
Zebra Print Shorts
Pink Camo Top

If I buy all these it'll be RM 40 already =( *continues to argue with self* But the starry ones are so cute lahhhhhh >_ And the shorts! T_T~

I just browsed through the site and saw the new updates and OMGGGG!!!!!! I'm going super crazy over this piece! T_T AHHH!!! Shopping ban! I regret doing it in October lol I'm going to kill myself if this is sold out by November (which is very likely to happen). Nnoooo~~~ Should I commit a 'shopping sin' just for this piece?


P.S. I actually pushed this post 5 days forward because I'm so excited over the last piece lol

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