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Prizes Received ^^

First up is the Sigma brush I posted about here? I received it on Monday ^^ I'm surprised it took less than a month lol From the date on the parcel, it reached in 13 days. I'm going to keep pics small cos you obviously don't need any closeups for them.

I like the way it was packaged. There was a 'Congratulations card', soft PINK paper, a red bag, 2 pamphlets about their brushes and even a card with instructions on how to care for my new brush. I love the fact that it's handwritten. Adds a warm human touch to it ^^

I'm absolutely in love with the sexy red colour of the container. It's so pretty! I don't think I even want to use it or bring it out.. I'm afraid I'll scratch it or something >_<

I'm a super big fan of Elf Studio brushes because they are so soft. But when I touched this, I kept touching it over and over again, stroking the soft bristles. It fits in my palm so it's perfect for bringing out with me

Then I went to collect my Female magazine prize on Tuesday. I won some Asience stuff. There's a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment from the two (new?) ranges, Inner Rich (dry hair) and Nature Smooth (oily scalp). My Loreal hair stuff will be on hold for a while I guess ^^


  1. congrats in winning the giveaway!
    you so totally deserve it!

    that red kabuki is indeed sexy


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