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Guardian's Mask Haul

Looks like I've failed my October Shopping Ban completely lol Went to have lunch with my friends on Tuesday and while waiting for them to come, I walked across to Guardian's to 'have a look'. They were having sales and their Guardian's brand masks were RM 6.88 for two. They only had 2 flavours though.. So I got one of each. Chamomile is for delicate skin while green tea is for whitening.

Then I saw an entire stand just for Montagne Jeunesse masks! I saw someone using their choco mask online and I've been so curious about them ever since. However, to my disappointment, there was no choco flavour there.. =( Well anyway I bought three other flavours. They were RM 5.90 each.

I was wearing makeup even though it was just a very casual lunch. I'm using a new facial wash which requires me to wear sunscreen and because it's sticky, I had to set it with foundation then I looked pale so blusher was needed. Then I couldn't just stop there and went ahead with a wash of brown eyeshadow and a pat of lipstick >_< Now, that just sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?


  1. i iz tell you. the day before they started the sale, THE MASKS WERE 2 FOR RM5! ):< like seriously.

    and i went to guardian before the sale started to buy some stuff i've been craving for. super rugi cause some of the stuff i bought went under sale later. )':

  2. Hey! How come the price went up during the sale?!? >_<!! Should go even lower ma.. lol

  3. are you using hada labo by any chance?

  4. Hi aisyah,
    Im using the lotion only. I finished a sample sachet of the moisturizing cream though. I have just recently bought the AHA/BHA facial wash as well. Have not tried the rest of the items.


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