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FOTD & OOTD : Brown Smokey Eyes & Black Sequin Dress

Last Friday, I was told that there was a formal dinner that night so I dressed up a little. I had to go for class before that so nothing too elaborate.

Items used :
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (as face primer)
Elf Studio Powder Brush to stipple foundation
Maybelline Perfect Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC20)
Daiso Multi Cheek Blusher (Beige)
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Walnut Pearl)
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)
Maybelline Magnum mascara
Artistry Eyeshadow Brush
Elf Blending Brush

As my class is at 4 pm, I needed my foundation to last without caking. I applied the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel which makes my foundation appear fresh even after blotting. Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hr Foundation in 100 Ivory was applied sheer to avoid caking. MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC20 was used to set it. I applied a Daiso blusher in Beige, which is a pinkish peachy colour. Pictured below is the one in Pink.

This is my favourite eye look and also one of the easiest. It's just a simple brown smokey eye. I applied NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl all over lids and blended it out. Then applied another layer near the lashes to concentrate the colour there. I love these pigments as they're so shimmery and pigmented. Lined eyes with Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, curled my lashes and applied Maybelline Magnum mascara.

Now for the outfit.. Basically, it's a tube dress with the halter part attached to it. It has lots of sequins and I really like it. The only problem was the dress dropping at the back because it's too loose >_< More photos of the dress HERE. The theme was to have some pink so lucky I had already painted my nails pink lol

Anyway, after class I found out that the dinner wasn't on Friday night, but SATURDAY night >_


  1. Isabel how come your eyes always look so sexyyyyyyyyy ~~~~ *jealous*

  2. lovely dress and eyes ^__^ i love ur eyess

  3. Thanks! But I've always thought my eyes weren't nice >_< Not deep enough + monolid. This is just one look I can pull off lol I love dark lined eyes.

  4. I love your eye makeup! And that dress is gorgeous (=

  5. oh gosh! :D so pweeeeeety. ;) *whistle*

    I love the dress btw! Heee, *laughs at the last line* ;P

  6. you are monolid ? wow if you din tell me here , I really can't notice that you are monolid eh ~~~~ Your eyes is so big ~~~ I mean bigger than those monolid girls lak ~hahaha...

  7. Thanks Gaby! ^^

    Yeala meiping, so geram you know? Lucky I didn't wear a maxi dress or something as I had dinner at a hawker stall LOL

    Yes, Anna. I've tried using the glue to fake a double eyelid but it looks so weird. I think I look better with monolid. I think my eyes look bigger because of the lenses ^^ But they weren't so small to begin with lah hahaha

  8. nice look! very natural

  9. Hi I was wondering where did you get your contacts?

  10. Oh it was one of those 'Korean/China/Taiwan' ones which I wouldn't recommend... gave me an eye allergy. You can check out though


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