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DIY Yogurt, Honey & Oatmeal Mask

I used to eat alot of yogurt as a kid. I think the brand was Danone or something that sounded like it. Then they stopped producing it and recently my mum started making her own at home but it was so sour and I just didn't like it. Then I saw my sis mixing it with fruits and the Kirkland blueberries. So I did the same with the blueberries and a plum. It turned out pretty yummy!

Did you know yogurt has many benefits? Not just for your body but for your face as well. Yogurt is good for moisturizing, cleansing, soothing irritation, softening the skin and clarifying the pores. It can also be used to treat skin conditions like acne and eczema. As yogurt is kept cold in the fridge, it can also refresh and cool tired skin. It's suitable for dry, oily, normal and acne skin.

After seeing all the benefits of yogurt, no wonder there are yogurt flavoured masks. So I decided to do my own DIY Yogurt Mask. I'm using my mum's homemade yogurt here. You don't need alot of yogurt. This was my first time so I took wayyy too much. There is about 5 uses here.

At first it was just yogurt mask. Then I spotted the bottle of honey. I'm using Eva because it was the cheapest lol One teaspoon is enough for me as the more you use, the more liquid it is.

Then it must have been such a coincidence that my mum just bought some oats and the container was right beside me on the counter so in it went as well ^^ 1 & a half tablespoons (your preference).

You can add any amount of oats you want but I want my mask to STAY on my face so it has to be thick. You'll know it's ready when it doesn't drop off your brush/spoon quickly.

Before face. I had just removed my makeup and washed with a facial cleanser.

Okay, this is not the best looking facial mask lol I would NOT step out of the house in this, even if it's the postman with the parcel I've been waiting for for months! At first it smelt kinda like Gardenia bread (I like the smell of Gardenia) then it began to smell like milk. I think it's actually the smell of yeast? I'm not sure. Anyway, it's nothing too unbearable. Application was a little messy though. Bits of yogurt and oats flew here and there & it was dripping into the container. It was however, quite relaxing as it's cold. While you're leaving it on, grab a bowl of your fruity yogurt and watch a movie or something.

Even after putting on as much as I could, I still had enough for another mask. Update : I used it again and turns out, I don't need that much and it could last me another 4 uses.

It dried down alot after 10 minutes but I waited for nearly half an hour before washing off. By then, even the oat bits were dry. I looked like I had a really bad case of skin disease lol It's not that I didn't want to smile in the photo but it's kinda stiff when the mask dries lol

After washing off, my face felt incredibly smooth and soft. Couldn't stop touching my face lol It felt so moisturized yet not oily.

Comparison photos :

Forehead is more matte, pimple is less angry & red

Shine on nose and surrounding area is also less. Some blackheads are gone / become less noticeable and pores appear smaller.

Tips :
  • Use unflavoured yogurt without the extra sugar and fruits
  • Make your own yogurt so it's cheap
  • If you want to add oats, grind it first as bigger chunks tend to fall off easier. Also, it may clog your sink!
  • Apply mask in bathroom to avoid mess >.<
  • If you're having difficulty removing the oat bits (like me), use a wet sponge and gently scrub them off. You can get a decent one at Daiso for RM5.
  • Tie up hair neatly as this can be sticky
  • Oily skinned individuals may add lemon juice
  • Do not apply on hairline as the oat bits can get stuck between your hair and it'll get messy
  • If you still find it too watery, put it into the fridge and it'll thicken
Pros : Cheap, suitable for all skin types, easy to prepare, moisturizing but not oily, relaxing
Cons : Messy, has a certain smell, looks weird on face =/, may clog sink

My conclusion : I'm loving this DIY mask ^^ As you can prepare it in small amounts, there will be no wastage unlike the egg white mask. Many girls have said this is their secret for smooth skin. I will definitely do this again.


  1. instead of using a wet sponge, i usually use those towel-like handkerchiefs. :D not the (kind of) small one. as you might want to use different places after wiping it off your face. xP

    besides that, the mask looks yumm. ;D but i'd stick to the egg white mask. x)

  2. My mum used to make yogurt for us too ! That's really...super sour...hahaha...
    But after a few months then stop already , because the yeast was growing bigger n bigger and hard to take care as we are not at home dat often >_<

  3. i made a post about yogurt mask before i am using lemon instead of honey since i have oily skin.. plus i got a bad case of sunburn & oatmeal +yogurt helps calm my skin!

    love this mask!

  4. @ meipinggg
    I was in an egg white mask craze for a while but I like to try new things ^^ And I also don't like seeing all the wasted egg white I was unable to finish =(

    IMO, a sponge is easier to clean than a facial cloth. Also, I don't know where my facial cloth went lol

    @ Anna
    Yes! I avoided the first few batches cos it's so sour. Then I learnt to mix stuff inside and it tasted so much better. Omg what do you mean by yeast growing bigger and bigger?! hahaha.. Sound like some kinda movie. Yogurt turning into yeast monster.

    @ thiamere
    I should be using lemon too but my lemon always ends up dried and pathetic looking in the fridge before I manage to use more than half =/

  5. i might try this one some time too. thank you for sharing!

  6. lol >_< yea the yeast is growing bigger and it produced more sour yogurt if we don't add in more milk. But since we dun eat dat much , so we just stop it ~ haha...

  7. Hope it works for you Meedge ^^

    Oh.. Okay, now I better eat my yogurt faster lol! I didn't know it will become more and more sour

  8. sounds interesting and very cost efficient and work for you too! thank you for sharing..

  9. Best mask! Actually stays on your face, + it's whitening for any other Asians out there :). Thanks for sharing.


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