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Win a Free Piece of Clothing Every Week!

You know, sometimes I'm envious of those people living in the US because they can return stuff they buy because they don't like it then exchange for something else. How come we don't have those kinda shops here?!

Well, now we do! Dolce Fashion House actually allows this service but they are selling online only. They ship worldwide but I think the cost to ship it back to return then send the new one would be too expensive -_- Click HERE for their return policy.

Their footnote says "Dolce House is The Best Malaysia Online Boutique. Retailing Japan, Korea, Asian Fashion, Dress, Bag, Handbag, Earring, Bracelet, Ring, Lingerie, Top, Pant, Skirt and many more. We sell and distribute to all around the world. We are the preferred Online Shop because we are LOW Price, High Quality and Best of ALL, Money Back Guarantee, 100% Return and Refund With NO Questions ASK."

How awesome is that? =) Well, it's not ending there. For their first anniversary, they are giving away weekly prizes. The current one is for 7th - 14th September 2010 and because it's the first one, there will be 3 prizes! So what's the prize, you ask? It's this comfy looking cardi below :

Name: Korean Pink Cardigan
Bust: 100-124 cm,
Length: 70cm
Color: Pink
Fabric: Cotton

The original price was RM 30 each so the total amount would be RM 90 worth of prizes to be won!

What do you have to do? Click HERE!

*Just for the record, I have never bought anything from this shop before

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