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BaWangChaJi Launches Christmas Snowy Berry Drinks!

This Christmas is looking tea-riffic at BaWangChaJi with the introduction of their new Snowy Berry seasonal Christmas drink AND great contests where you can win a month's worth of drinks!

BaWangChaJi Christmas Snowy Berry
Priced at RM 18.90, Snowy Berry will be available from 15th December onwards at all outlets in Malaysia. This healthy beverage was also created as part of a collaboration with Signature Market. Now you can enjoy your Jasmine tea with freeze-dried Fruity Strawberry Crunch or Crunchy Nuts Symphony Granola!
BaWangChaJi Christmas Snowy Berry

‘BaWang Christmas Wish Tree’

‘BaWang Christmas Wish Tree’

BaWangChaJi will also be having two giveaways from 15 to 25 December 2020 to add more excitement during this festive season. For the ‘BaWang Christmas Wish Tree’, tea lovers who visit BaWangChaJi’s outlets will be awarded with a customised greeting card to decorate the designated Christmas tree just by purchasing two beverages. Participants will be required to write their Christmas greetings along with their contact details to stand a chance in winning BaWangChaJi’s VIP-Month Card where they are eligible to redeem a free drink each day for a month.

All I Want for Christmas

BaWangChaJi All I Want for Christmas

Apart from the on-ground giveaway campaign, Malaysians are welcome to participate in the ‘All I Want for Christmas’ online giveaway in just three simple steps:

  1. Follow BaWangChaJi on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Comment at the social media post - All I Want for Christmas is Snowy Series + [any product of BaWangChaJi that you wish], do not forget to hashtag #BWCJSnowyChristmas #BaWangChaJiMalaysia.
  3. Next, tag your friends to join the ‘giveaway’ and increase the chance of winning

A winner will be selected each day to enjoy a full set of snowy series including the latest Snowy Berry and one BaWangChaJi’s beverage that they desired the most throughout the 10 days campaign period.

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