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Japan's #1 Household Product Enters Malaysia with 6 Products!

With over 100 years of history in Japan, the leading brand for household products is now here in Malaysia!

Nobuhito Hosaka, Managing Director of Earth Home Products (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of EC said: “For a start, we are unveiling six home care and insect control products in Malaysia. Many of these are top sellers in Japan and in the countries that Earth Corporation products have been available. One of our flagship products is an alcohol-free fabric deodorizer spray made from essential oils, which eliminate more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, and repel mites.

We know how some insecticides can be harmful but I feel safe using this brand since it's from Japan and it was established since 1892! The price is also really affordable. Here are some of the products I've tried: you can watch how I used them on my Instagram.

Earth Home NATUCAIR Air Freshener Gel

Very easy to use: just peel off the metal cover to repel mozzies and freshen the air. Available in Pink Blossom, Relaxing Purple & Lively Green. You can use this in any room - I recommend only peeling off part of the metal to control the amount you need based on room size.

RM 13.90

Earth Home NATUCAIR Air Freshener Gel

Earth Home NATUCAIR Fabric Spray

Spray this on curtains, sofas, cushions, soft toys and any other surface to remove odor, 99% of bacteria, viruses & mites! Love that it uses natural essential oils and is 100% alcohol free. Available in Relaxing Purple, Sparkling Yellow and Pink Blossom.

RM 12.90

Earth Home NATUCAIR Fabric Spray

Earth Home Air-Con Cleaner Spray

Now tell me.. How often do you clean your air cond? And I don't mean just the filters! Did you know your air cond accumulates a lot of dirt and microbes on the inside as well? You normally need to hire someone to open the whole thing to deep clean but in between those sessions, you should maintain it with a DIY deep clean to get rid of mold & fungus in your air cond (yuck).

Simple, easy-to-use and effective! Simply point and spray. Earth Air Con Cleaner spray has a powerful jet trigger nozzle for effective cleaning and helps to suppress mold and fungus growth in between the cooling fins. It cleans, eliminates bacteria and viruses as well as deodorises with a green tea leaf extract smell.

RM 24.90

Earth Home DIY Air Cond Cleaner

Earth Home ARS White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait

My special treat for uninvited visitors! Made from 100% natural ingredients and boric acid, it is capable of eliminating a whole colony of cockroaches and effective up to six months.

RM 11.90

Earth Home ARS White Cap Natural Cockroach Bait

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