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Activities to do in Shah Alam (Apart From i-City)

It has been over a month of MCO now and I know a lot of you are itching to go out and about. Even when MCO is lifted, we expect travel to still be restricted to a certain level. Well, I'm here to bring you good news - there's actually plenty to do without moving far away from home! This list consists of things to do in Shah Alam, that does not include i-City (because that seems to be the only attraction people can think of when you mention Shah Alam).

#1 Taman Botani Shah Alam

Taman Botani Shah Alam
Taman botani by
The National Botanical Gardens is known for its beautiful green scenery and has become the most preferred park when it comes to sporting activities in Shah Alam. Families will enjoy the animal park and four seasons temperate house. You can engage in various outdoor activities including cycling, kayaking, fly fishing, and hiking.

#2 Go Kart at Shah Alam Stadium

Go Kart at Shah Alam Stadium
I think this is something a lot of us enjoy - go karts! Zoom through the tracks and see which of your friends is the best speedster. There are different levels to choose from and even a double seater kart meant for kids.

#3 Wet World Water Park Shah Alam

Wet World Water Park Shah Alam
Water parks provide endless fun for the whole family and it feels great with our hot weather. Attractions here include Super Hurricane, Thunder River, Caribbean Rider, Pirate Challenge and more! Ticket price starts from RM 32 for kids and RM 37 for adults.

#4 Shah Alam Extreme Park

Shah Alam Extreme Park
The Shah Alam Extreme Park offers a variety of outdoor activities; it boasts a large skate park, a wall climbing area, 4x4 experience, off-road track and bike park. If you're with a group, you can engage in a game of paintball starting from RM50 for 100 pallets.

#5 Blue Mosque

Blue mosque by Amril Izan Imran on flickr
If the Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey is on your bucket list, you can visit the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam until it is safer to travel. The country's biggest mosque also features an iconic blue dome, making it a popular tourist attraction.

#6 Laman Seni 7

Laman Seni 7 Shah Alam
Laman seni 7 by Xinxian Teoh on flickr
Laman Seni 7 is full of outdoor street art and 3D murals that you can interact with. Vibrant colours line the walls, inviting visitors to take a photo for their Instagram. It is part of Shah Alam's effort to transform the otherwise dull lanes into public art galleries.

Already explored Shah Alam? You can find more places to visit on Tourism Selangor's official website!

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