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What to Expect from the Laser Hair Removal Experience

You are probably already familiar with most at-home hair removal methods. Waxing and shaving are commonplace, after all. So is plucking the occasional unwanted hair out with tweezers. What you may be less familiar with are clinical hair removal methods, which can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. One of those methods is laser hair removal. Here is what you can expect from the laser hair removal experience.

Understanding What Laser Hair Removal Does

You must begin by understanding what laser hair removal does and how it works. The procedure itself is fairly simple. A focused light beam targets the hair in the treatment area in short bursts. Those pulses of light damage each hair in the treatment area. They do so by targeting the substance that gives hair its color, which is called melanin.

The reason laser hair removal is so effective is the laser light damages the whole hair. When you shave unwanted hair, in contrast, only the tops of each hair are lopped off. The laser devices for hair removal offer better results because they do not leave any hair behind just below your skin. Therefore, there is nothing to immediately regrow. It takes time for the hairs to grow all the way back through every skin layer and poke through to the outside again.

What Parts of Your Body Qualify for Laser Hair Removal

You can have laser hair removal done on almost any part of your body. There are very few restrictions. However, one of the biggest advantages of lasers for hair removal is they can treat many hairs at once in less than a second. Therefore, although they can be used to remove a few stray hairs, they are often best used on areas with a lot of hair you want to get rid of. Such areas may include your
  • bikini line
  • legs (shin and thigh are considered separate parts)
  • arms
  • underarms
  • face

How Long You Will be at the Laser Hair Removal Appointment

You may be wondering how long it takes to have a laser hair removal procedure. There is no single answer because the time it takes is proportional to the part of your body you are treating. For example, removing a few hairs from your face takes a lot less time than removing a lot of hairs from your bikini line. In general, many laser hair removal appointments take less than an hour, but some can take longer. Your clinician can tell you how long your appointment should take based on the type of treatment you want.

The Need for Multiple Laser Hair Removal Treatments

One thing you definitely have to expect from the laser hair removal experience is multiple treatments will be necessary. The reason you need so many treatments is hairs on different parts of your body grow at different rates. They also go through periods of dormancy with no growth. Hairs not in a current growth process will not be affected by treatment. By having multiple treatments, all hairs can be treated and weakened enough to fall out.

Laser Hair Removal and Pain Management

You should never show up for a laser hair removal treatment wearing perfumes, lotions or creams that are not approved by your clinician. However, your clinician may apply a specially formulated numbing or cooling agent to your skin prior to treatment. In some cases, the clinician may use a special device to cool your skin during treatment instead of or in addition to a numbing or cooling cream. In either case, the clinician will help you manage any discomfort you may have during the procedure.

Personally, I barely felt any pain after the numbing cream so don't be afraid to try it out! Your skin will be more sensitive and dry after treatment so they will provide cream for you to apply.

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