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Tips For Staying Bikini Ready

Although it may not be summer yet, it is always important to be ready to slip on your bikini at short notice. Who knows when you may be invited to go on vacation with a friend, when you may go to a spa or be asked to join someone special in a hot tub? Even if you aren’t planning on doing any of those things, staying bikini ready will make you feel more confident in your own appearance no matter whether it’s winter or summer.
Being bikini ready all year round is the only solution to avoid a last minute panic, so how do you make sure that your body is up to scratch, any time of the year?


Making sure you have no unwanted dry skin patches is pretty important if you’re going to be wearing a bikini, so make sure that you add time into your weekly pampering routine for exfoliation. You can do this using a body scrub or by using a loofah. Either way, it’ll get rid of all the unwanted dead skin cells and leave you looking radiant and fresh. Make sure you exfoliate all the places that are often left forgotten. Your knees and elbows are just some of the areas which are often overlooked but which will be a telltale sign that you’ve let yourself go over the months.

Hair Removal

You don’t want any unwanted hair when you put on your bikini. You need to choose the right hair removal method for you. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to go for a sensitive skin hair removal cream which will reduce the amount of work involved while producing long lasting results without causing any irritation. If you’re looking for the most long-lasting results, you might want to consider a different option such as waxing although this can be painful. Although shaving might be quick and convenient, the results won’t last long and could leave an unsightly shaving rash. An excellent compromise, therefore, is to use a bikini line epilator. You can find more information on which will help you to choose the right hair removal methods for you.

Getting A Tan

Even if you’re wearing your bikini during the winter, you don’t want your pale skin to give you away as having hidden under giant sweaters all winter long. The best solution is to use a tanning moisturizing cream all year round. This will avoid the problems associated with using fake tan. If you get a fake tan wrong you can end up with stained fingers and orange tan lines which look worse than no tan at all. A tanning moisturizer is the best alternative. You can apply it all over throughout the year and gradually, over time, it will build up a healthy natural-looking tan. It’s the safe alternative to using a sun bed and it will make you look as if you just enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean! Fantastic!

Prepare Your Feet

Don’t forget your feet when you’re getting your body bikini ready. It’s no use having a lovely healthy-looking tan and a hair free body if your toes are letting you down. Make sure that you’ve removed all dry skin from your feet. People will notice if you’re walking around in flip flops with large patches of dry skin on your heels and toes. You can use a pumice stone to do this quickly and easily or even a dry skin removal cream. Pop some moisturizer onto your feet afterwards and wear socks overnight. You’ll be amazed by how beautifully soft the skin on your feet is in the morning! Simply apply some of your favorite nail polish to your toenails and your feet will be sandal-ready in no time!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll find that you’re ready to pull on your bikini at any given moment. You’ll be prepared for those unexpected sunny days when you decide to take a last minute trip to the beach, and you’ll be ready to jump in the pool at any time of the day or night! It needn’t be difficult to be bikini ready all year round, so what are you waiting for?

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