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[Nightlife] The Iron Fairies - KL's Most Expensive RM12mil Bar

Here is an experience only KL's most expensive bar can give you! Forget rooftop bars and cityscapes; we are going into an underground iron mine to visit where the fairies live. RM12 million was invested to transform this place into a cast iron world with a mythical twist.
The Iron Fairies KL review
The mesmerising interior design draws from Ashley Sutton's infamous books, bringing his mythical world to life.
The Iron Fairies KL ground floor
The Iron Fairies KL ground floor bar
The Iron Fairies offers an extensive selection of beverages including really good wine, champagne and their signature cocktails. Choose a seat by the bar to watch the bartenders put on a show as they create your drink. These signature cocktails are unlike any other; they challenge to excite your sense of sight, smell and taste all at the same time.
The Iron Fairies KL bar
The Iron Fairies KL bartender making cocktail
On the left is my personal favourite, 3rd Key. Bubbles & troubles with a hint of elderflower and thyme; I absolutely loooove the unique taste. I could have a few more glasses of that..

However, the flaming Green Fairy stole the show with its strong & punchy flavour. A well-balanced 6-spirit drink with vermouth, blue curacao and absinthe mixed with passionfruit.
The Iron Fairies KL 3rd Key cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Green Fairy cocktail
Next, the Insta-worthy Trapping Tinkerbell - smoked scotch based cocktail stirred with homemade popcorn syrup and bitters. The sweet, familiar smell of popcorn will hit you first and then fill your mouth with absolute delight. A very interesting drink I recommend you to order.

If you're into a more refreshing drink instead, try the Labyrinth: a gin-based cocktail with osmanthus, apple juice, citrus and Indian spices.
The Iron Fairies KL Trapping Tinkerbell cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Labyrinth cocktail
Nymph's was right down my alley. Strong vodka balanced with the exploding flavours of watermelon, lychee, rosemary and lime. Yumm!

Amy's Rose is as sweet and demure as it looks. Vodka and gin cocktail paired with rosewater, citrus and cranberry juice with a pinch of sea salt, presented in a lovely romantic hue.
The Iron Fairies KL Nymph's cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Amy's Rose cocktail
Seek out the Butterfly Room on the 2nd floor and dance under 50,000 butterflies, hanging from the ceiling as if frozen in time. This room is like a page right out of a mythical ethereal fairytale.
The Iron Fairies KL Butterfly Room
The seating upstairs overlooks the live band which plays every Wednesday to Saturday. If you're there on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you may even meet the Fairies as they come out to play!
The Iron Fairies KL 2nd floor
The Iron Fairies KL inside Butterfly Room

The Iron Fairies KL Butterfly Room closeup
The Iron Fairies KL opens until 5am on weekends so in case you get hungry, you can get a bite to eat here or head to the 7-Eleven across the square. The food selection is limited with 3 burgers (choice of beef, chicken or lamb), 5 sides and ice-cream.

I thought the Truffle Fries (RM24) were to die for! I could have the whole basket paired with a glass of wine or cocktail. The burgers were fairly priced (RM28-48) considering the portion which came with a side of fries as well. Our Coli's Beef Burger was made from Wagyu & grass fed aussie beef; homemade patties are made fresh daily.
The Iron Fairies KL Truffle Fries
The Iron Fairies KL Coli's Beef Burger
The Spicy Popcorn Chicken (RM24) makes a great match for beer. Dusted with homemade spice powder, onion & coriander, the crunchy chicken pieces were pretty enjoyable.
The Iron Fairies KL Spicy Popcorn Chicken
You may even bring a Fairy home at a price. There are a total of 14 Fairies so find out which one suits your personality.
The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur
If this isn't mesmerising enough already, The Iron Fairies is planning an exciting new concept for the first quarter of 2019. Can't wait for the reveal!

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