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[Food] Indobowl Cafe @ Lake Fields Food Review

IndoBowl is a must-try for IndoMie fans! Here, they serve IndoMie with a unique twist by adding top-notch ingredients and their amazing sambal.
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We were here on a Saturday at lunch time and parking was aplenty.
IndoBowl Lake Fields
Address: 72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields, Sg Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
The place is quite nice and comfortable. You can take nice nice Instagram photos too haha

There are various items on the menu but their concept is basically Indomie served with your choice of quality toppings and lots of sambal. Personally, I LOVE a good sambal and theirs is perfect! It packs a punch and tastes very fresh.
Consider this Indomie heaven.
Let's move on to the food!

Soda Gembira & Giant Es Cendol

I really liked the Soda Gembira and had 2 glasses of it! Considering the spicy level of the food, you should just go for Giant size.
The regular Indomie with cucumber, egg and sambal is RM6 but I recommend you to try one with the topping.

Indomie Dendeng Balado RM10

My favourite out of the bunch! Thin slices of spiced beef braised, dried then grilled. Seriously RM 10 for all that effort? The beef is really tender and sooo good! Highly recommend to order this.

Indomie Iga RM18

Tania's favourite ribs which were fall-off-the-bone tender. Braised short ribs with special mix of soy sauce, shallots, onions, chili, and lime leaves.

Indomie Ayam Balado RM10

Prefer chicken? Can try this one with grilled chicken chop and fried egg.

Indomie Ayam Madura RM12

(Price is including the Indomie) Grilled Madura style chicken chop with special mix of savoury and sweet soy sauce, shallots, onion, chili and lime leaves. I have to give a fair review here. This dish was a bit sweet for our taste and I prefer more savoury flavours.

Indomie Salted Egg RM11.90

Chicken pieces covered in golden salted egg yolk.

Indomie Mambo Jumbo RM59

Order this if you're up for the challenge! It's also great for sharing (3-4 pax) and looks so fun! Includes chicken madura, lamb rack, ribs and 2 pcs of chicken satay. I noticed this also comes with different types of sambal.

Mambo Jumbo Seafood Soto RM39.90

There's also a large soup version which I quite liked as I love spicy & sour dishes! Nyum nyum.. Topped with fishball, fishcake, sotong, prawn, crabstick, and egg. Suitable to be shared by up to 4 pax. Love the mix of sambal inside. Aiya basically the sambal is really good lah okay?
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RoPang (Roti Panggang)

Time for dessert~ Bread topped with shaved cheese and chocolate. The latter was a hit with the children. Not too bad.. Didn't really get to try this as it was snatched up by the kids ☹️
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Meals are prepped fresh in the kitchen and served piping hot.
They've even received a certificate of recommendation from FoodAdvisor!

Final verdict?

Worth a visit if you enjoy Indomie! At first I was hesitant because honestly how good can instant noodles be right? I was wrong. It was not loaded with MSG and they throw in lots of good ingredients to balance it.

Sambal was really good. I wonder if they sell it 😂 Can get spicy so please separate the sambal if you have kids dining with you or you can get some of the rice dishes. Again, it is NOT suitable for young children.
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