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[Beauty] Clozette Party 2018 @ Botanica Deli

A little throwback to the Clozette Party 2018 where I saw so many people including ambassadors from other countries!
Relax, Refresh and Reconnect
After all the work stress recently, I feel this pouch really speaks to me. Always remember to take care of yourself - both physically and mentally. For all the success and money in the world will not be enough if you're unhappy.
I'm not a stranger to Senka as I've reviewed the Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam back in 2012 (bruh, has it really been THAT long?). They've released quite a number of new products since then - hopefully all as good as their star product.
Senka foam
Was introduced to a brand of sunblock I've never tried before - Anessa. Tania, however was raving about it so I guess it's really good. So awesome that Clozette got us each a bottle customised with our names!
Have you tried this brand before? Tell me your thoughts!
Anessa sunblock
When you're at Botanica Deli, you have to take a photo here LOL Love the message~
Botanica Deli Bangsar South
Most of my recent photos are thanks to this person here, Tania~ Thank you, my tripod!
And thank you Clozette for the invite!~ 💕

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