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[CookingWithWhatever] Durian Crepe Dessert

Whether you've got some leftover durian or you just can't get enough of durian, here's a simple and easy dessert you can make (kids can help too)! I promise it's really yummy =D
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I'm using some leftover durian which has some hard bits.
Mash all the durian including the hard bits (as long as they're not too hard). Mine tastes great already so I didn't add anything to it. By mashing and mixing it like this, you can eat the moderately hard parts too. Waste not!
Stir up a simple crepe batter which is essentially just flour, milk, egg, melted butter, sugar and a tiny bit of salt. I avoided salted butter and added just a pinch of salt since I wanted mine to be sweet.
Butter your pan and swirl the batter into a nice circle or whatever shape you managed to get. If your batter doesn't spread, it's too thick.
Depending on your fire (I use low because my stove is either low or ON FIREEE), it'll take 2-3 minutes for one side. Just turn a corner up to check if it's browning.
Flip and leave for 1-2 minutes more. Once done, transfer out to cool.
Once your crepes are kinda cool (because you need to touch it with your hands), spread the mashed durian across like this.
Roll it a little and make sure you place some durian here to help it stick.
Yummy durian crepe is done! Place in the fridge before serving (if you can wait).

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