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[Beauty] Beauty Tips About Removing Raised Moles

Everything you wanted to know about skin moles' removal

Each and every person have more or fewer moles on their body. These are just pigmented cells on skin of different color, size, and shape. In general, all skin moles are usually harmless, but sometimes they could start to grow and / or change their color and /or shape, so it requires checking them immediately. They could turn into melanoma and be a reason of skin cancer.
If you have discovered any kind of raised moles on any part of your body, it's important to observe them from time to time. Sometimes these moles would never turn into something bad, so it's fine. Some people decide to remove such moles just for cosmetic reasons (for example, if they have a big raised mole on the face). Such moles are situated on the face, neck, back, or head. In all these places they could be easily damaged by brushes, clothes, wisp, or towel. When damaged, moles could be easily changed in appearance. A person may experience itching, little pain, changing color to black, and / or bleeding. If you have got these symptoms, you should visit the doctor immediately. More likely, you would be required to remove the mole and make a biopsy. That's why it's important to remove the mole beforehand if it is situated in a place where it's easy for you to damage it.

If you are going to remove the raised mole, you should know that there are three methods to do it:
  • surgery mole removal;
  • mole cauterization;
  • laser mole removal.
Two last methods are used to remove those moles that don't disturb a person in any ways, and a patient wants the mole to be removed because of cosmetic or precaution reasons (if a mole looks really bad on the nose of face, or if it's situated on the head, neck or waist, so it could be easily damaged when brushing, shaving, or wearing trousers with a belt). But if a mole is already changed its appearance, a doctor should remove it only through surgery. This would help to remove the mole without any chance to appear again, plus, the removed material will be checked for biopsy. Let's view all three methods in details.

Surgery removal

As we already said, this method is used for raised moles that cause itching, pain, bleeding and other bad symptoms that can be a sign of skin cancer. Doctor uses anesthesia, and then the mole should be removed with a sharp scalpel to cut it out with a surrounding skin. As a mole grows up inside your skin too, that would be a deep cut, and then it must be stitched. The patient stays at the hospital for several days to change bandage, remove stitches and take antibiotics. Later a patient gets a small scar on the place where the mole was situated. When doctor makes an operation, he or she makes a biopsy of the material to get know what kind of mole it was to ensure if it's cancer or no. If the operation is done properly, the risk of growing the new mole on this place again is minimal.

Laser removal

This method is acceptable for small moles only. Many women remove small brown or black moles from their faces due to cosmetic reason to look more natural and beautiful. Many beauty salons offer laser removal of facial moles as well as small defects like scars, etc. Sometimes it may require several trips to the office to remove a mole with a laser. This method is not painful, and there is no blood on the skin after it cause laser seals blood vessels. But you should keep in your memory this type of removal couldn't be used for big moles or protruding above the skin moles.


This method uses heat of electricity to remove moles with diameter less than 10 millimeters. The entire procedure takes just several minutes, and the patient shouldn't stay in the hospital at all. The skin is not injured, and there is almost no blood, so the patient should only keep the area clean to avoid infection and moisture it well to avoid forming a scar. Usually the skin gets a bit whiter in this place when recovered, but it actually not so visible. It's important to keep the operated area from sun, because it slows down the process of recovering and provokes moles to grow up.

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