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14 Cool Ideas for Your Summer Date

Summer is in the air (technically all year long here lol) and it is time for discovering new facets of your love! Each season provides us with unique opportunities to express our deepest feelings. Why not say everything without words by organising a non-conventional date? Meet the top 14 ideas to benefit from.
1. How about stargazing? Well, this word is often used as a euphemism for sex but I’m really talking about gazing at the stars now. You are free to do what you want simultaneously, though. Not only is it ultra romantic but it also extends your knowledge about celestial bodies.

2. Watch open-air movies. Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? Just like at normal cinemas, movie nights are run there too. Grab some snacks and don’t forget about blankets – summer nights may be chilly. Or you can visit a drive-in movie theater if you like it more. Dating on YourBrides, you are guaranteed to find a partner to try out this interesting option!

3. Go fishing. Can it be fascinating? Yes, especially for couples longing for tranquility. Imagine you spend the whole day by the water, enjoy the beautiful scenery and have personal conversations. It’s definitely better than surfing the Internet on your smartphones! Not to mention that you can cook an exclusive dinner then.
4. Time for a wild-berry hunt! Summer is a very delicious season and you can combine adventures in nature with culinary. Please remember that not all berries are good, some of them can be poisonous so you need to know how to distinguish them right.

5. Meet up on the rooftop. If there is no opportunity to decorate your home rooftop for this purpose, don’t worry! There are many alternative spots – look for restaurants and bars under the sky. Many of them feature swimming pools and small park-like areas and function as beach clubs.

6. Rollerblade across the city. Are you sure you know your home city very well? If it’s big enough, there are probably areas you’ve never been to. Of course, you two need to be skilled enough to have such a tour. On the other hand, some interesting places are easier to access this way.

7. Diversify your beach relaxation. Don’t restrict it to sunbathing only. Play tennis or volleyball and take up your favorite water sports; pack a romantic picnic and catch the sunset or have an alluring overnight stay by the sea until the sun rises. Dating a Russian woman, you will never be tired of such leisure!
8. Have a very private BBQ. Hold a party just for the two of you. It’s even easier than grilling for a big company of friends: organize everything in a way you want and nobody will disturb your happy routine. You can even have a night BBQ; bring some board games or play trivia to avoid turning any devices on.

9. Sail away. Probably, no one can argue with the fact that boat trips are splendid. Apart from a mere rowboat, you can rent a motor or a small sailing yacht to make this day unforgettable. Good if you know how to steer a boat on your own to ensure privacy. However, you can always hire a skipper.

10. Just take a long walk in nature. How often do we walk by foot? We sit in our offices, in our cars, and even in our living rooms when there is no work to be done. In fact, it’s possible to exercise without attending the gym. Take your significant other’s hand and follow your wanderlust! You would also have a great opportunity to get your body fit as nature can be really tricky!
11. Immerse in cocktail making. Isn’t it sexy? To make the process more valuable, search for non-conventional recipes. Trying new things together is essential for maintaining harmony in your relationship. Just avoid getting drunk or the entire charm will be ruined.

12. Take a bike trip to the nearby attractions. Biking is beneficial for your health and can boost the chemistry in your couple. That’s why joint workouts are considered to be so good for lovers who wish to take their relationships to another level.

13. Go camping. If you have no time for long weekend trips, you can simply bring all the necessary stuff to the backyard. Imagine you’ve rushed into the wild and no one else is around. It works! Likewise, such a variant can be cheaper since you don’t have to drive far.

14. Visit a local winery. Do you like fine beverages? If the answer is “yes”, wine tasting should be on your bucket list. It’s a kind of fine art, you know. You will see how wine is produced and what nuances each sort has. Some wineries allow you to drink for free, by the way. And vineyard landscapes are so appealing!

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  1. I love open-air movies. But in malaysia, it's hard to find one. Last time I went at Starlight cinema, but it long ago. I wish, i can have that kind event again. hehehe

    in malay, we call "wayang pacak" :p


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