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[Beauty] Essential Beauty Products When Traveling to Cold Countries

Being from a tropical country, I'm pretty much loving the warm weather. Honestly, even a trip up to Genting Highlands makes me shiver. If I were to ever travel to another country during autumn/winter, please pray for me. I'll be sure to bring along some of these beauty products to save myself from the cold!

1) Nixsi Warming and Relaxing Foot Cream
I'm probably gonna be broke buying the plane ticket so I'll be walking around on foot. Walking+cold weather=cracked heels! I found this foot cream for cracked heels that solves this problem and it even has warming effects LOL!!

2) Marine Elements Body Lotion
My eczema skin will pay me a visit with the super dry air (urgh) so gotta prepare with my bottle of Marine Elements! Until now, it's one of the rare products that really helps with my skin.

3) Hydraluron Moisture Booster
For when your moisturizer just ain't enough! Layering this underneath will help your moisturizer to hydrate your skin better.

4) Magimaxx Aquacell Jeju Horse Placenta & Oil Cream
Not sure if my existing moisturizers will be heavy enough. My best bet will be this little bottle of horse oil cream which is bordering on 'too heavy' in Malaysia. In fact, I only use this at night now. Horse oil is also great for eczema skin so I can probably use this on my body too xD

5) Argan Oil
Like this 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil! It can be used on hair, face and body, layered with the above products. Mutipurpose products would be best for traveling to keep your luggage minimal. Why bring 3 different bottles when you can use 1 right?

So.. Tell me what am I missing? Do you have anything to recommend?


  1. love the Argan oil, its multipurpose use is perfect for packing light when travelling! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. I have tried Arganix's product since then I truly endorse them for the authenticity of their products. Such great results I experienced.


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