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[Food] Restoran Steamboat Bone N Pot, Damansara Uptown

In this cold, rainy weather, what else is better than a warm steamboat dinner? =D

Bone & Pot menu
Signature Pork Bone Broth RM 15.90
We've already tried the Signature Pork Bone Broth earlier and it was good so we just got the same soup again. Didn't bother going for tom yum because a really tasty clear soup is harder to find.

Types of Broth at Bone & Pot steamboat

The soup itself is so sweet from the pork bone, corn and radish! We drank loads of it.. Should have tapaued the remainder to cook maggi or something LOL

Bone & Pot steamboat Signature Pork Bone Broth

Abalone Clams RM 38.80
A bit of a splurge on tonight's dinner by ordering a plate of Abalone Clams. To my surprise the portion was big and the clams were huge! Don't cook them too long or they'll turn tough. These were definitely my favourite part of dinner as they were so sweet and absolutely delicious.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant Abalone Clams

Abalone Slices RM 9.80
I lied. We also splurged on these abalone slices which I think are not really abalone la LOL Some kinda clam I guess? But still very very yummy with a tender chew to it. Tastes super good =D

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant Abalone slices

Jellyfish RM 6.80
Actually the jellyfish was quite ok. I always order this at luk-luk stalls and it costs like RM 2 per stick. And I tell youuuu this jellyfish is different! It's thicker, juicier and crunchier. There are even 'air pockets' that you can bite into like ikura!

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant jellyfish

Hong Kong Beef Ball RM 7.80
These actually remind me of Stephen Chow's movie The God of Cookery and those beef balls with mantis prawn juice inside LOL It looks quite normal outside but when you bite inside you discover that it's hiding the taste inside.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant Hong Kong Beef Ball

Pork Meat Ball with Mushroom Shreds RM 7.90
Because of the mushroom shreds, it's softer than the rest and has a milder taste. Was so glad that it did not have an overwhelming mushroom taste.

Homemade Pork Meat Ball RM 6.90
Gotta say the taste is quite regular but I like the soft texture as it's homemade.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant Pork Meat Ball

Abalone Mushroom RM 7.80
LOL Another 'abalone'.. I love these mushrooms and will grab them at every steamboat ever.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant mushrooms

Fu Chuk
Anddd what is steamboat without fu chuk right? So you see we tried everything from expensive to cheap hahaha!

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant fu chuk

Note: Don't order too much food because there are still plenty in the soup so prepare your stomach to eat those as well.

Dinner at Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant

A selection of condiments to eat with your food. Didn't need any of these as the broth was already so yum-yum.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant sauces

Address: 88, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya
Contact number: 03-7724 2623


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  1. I LOVE eating at this steamboat place. The air con in the restaurant also make the whole steamboat experience more enjoyable. :)


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