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Should Cooking Be Left to the Women Only?

In this week's episode of The Elie & Isabel Cook Show, we will be discussing this sensitive topic - do women belong in the kitchen?

The Elie & Isabel Cook Show

Ok not really. But le Bf DOES cook much better than me. I can manage microwaved instant noodles while he can cook up an array of dishes. That's why I went for this Christmas Cooking session organised by Philips. And guess who's teaching us? Chef Zam!

Cooking session with Chef Zam

He personally showed us how to cook the 4 dishes but honestly I was pretty blur as I don't cook at home xD

Chef Zam cooking demonstration

He revealed 4 of his recipes which were super yum!

Philips cooking recipes

Thank you Elie for being my partner! But the cooking wasn't as hard as I thought lah because it was all done using Philips appliances! No boiling oil splattering on me or burnt food. A bit of fail with the lemongrass chopping but its okay... Elie saved me.

Christmas cooking with Philips

Orgasmic Nutella and banana dessert.

Making Nutella banana rolls

Teehee! My kind of cooking - easy and danger-free with Philips.

Cooking with Philips appliances

Yes, we made these. Nobody believed me though =( Why you all liddis!

Cooking Ayam Percik

Okay I didn't make these specific plates but almost there! xD

Cooking with Philips

Elie & I with our Ayam Percik and Chicken Risotto. Achievement unlocked!

with our Ayam Percik & Chicken Risotto

We were starving after the cooking session and couldn't wait any longer so we dug into the pot and ate from it =x And I tapau-ed the remainder for lunch and dinner wahahaha

Eating Chicken Risotto from Philips pressure cooker

Thank you for the awesome recipes, Chef Zam!

Cooking with Chef Zam

With all the invited Philips bloggers~

Philips cooking session

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