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Mika Serum & Moisturizer Review

I received these colourful products from Imay Beauty & Wellness and they just brighten my mood. FYI, they're made in Japan.

Mika Beauty Serum

Each 10ml has a different function and you can combine them to get the best results.

Mika Serum Bottles

After serum, follow with the Mika Hydro Moisturizer. Honestly, this smells really strange.. Well, that's because the range does not contain any chemical fragrance, paraben, artificial colour or mineral oil. The only problem is it has Dimethicone which some people are sensitive towards.

Price: RM 115 (50% off + free shipping until end of Nov 2014)

Mika Hydro Moisturizer

Only the Brightening Serum is white but they all feel watery-light. 

Mika Serums on arm

Customize your skincare with Mika! Obviously, everyone has different skincare needs so this range is designed in a way that you can combine different serums for different purposes. It can be a little tedious having to combine 3 serums but this is the price we pay for beauty right?

Mika Serum combinations

All the products absorb easily without being sticky and the moisturizer makes your skin feel oh-so-smooth! I even forced le Bf to touch my face and he agreed xD Don't worry about the strange moisturizer smell because it doesn't linger.

Mike Serum and moisturizer review

I didn't take closeup photos this time but the moisturizing effects are quite apparent even from a distance as you can see my forehead is smoother. It is very comfortable on skin and makeup wears well over it.

Before and after Mika serum and Hydro Moisturizer

The serums are RM85 per bottle but there are set promotions on their Facebook page.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I love how the Serums look so lightweight but still moisturising! ^ v ^

  2. Yup! my favourite kind of serum


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