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How to DIY Remove Gel Polish

During my trip to beeQnails, they provided me with an OPI kit to remove the gel polish. Gel removal is FREE at beeQnails but I thought I would be a little adventurous that day xD

OPI set to remove nail polsih

Pour a little remover onto the cotton square. It's really thin so you only need a tiny bit.

Pour OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover on cotton

Place finger in middle of foil with your nail on the cotton. Some people advise applying Vaseline on the skin beforehand to protect it.

How to DIY Remove Gel Polish

Roll tightly around finger and secure by folding it away from your nail. Which means the fold is on my fingerprint.

Wrap nail in OPI foil

Repeat for all fingers and wait for 15 minutes. It will be warm and you might even feel the gel popping like popcorn =x

Soap gel nails in lacquer remover

This is how it will look like! Open one nail first to check if it's done. If it hasn't lifted yet, wrap the foil back and wait 5 more minutes. Simply rub off the pieces of gel polish. It should come off easily.

Removing gel polish at home

Some may remain on your nail which you can buff off.

Buff off excess gel polish

Wash off any remaining remover or nail dust. Apply OPI Nail Envy and nourishing lotion. And.. you're done!

Apply OPI Nail Envy

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