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Earth Care Natural Products Review & Giveaway

I've had my fair share of handmade soaps but this is definitely one of the best! 

Earth Care
Our organic skincare products are 90% to 100% vegan using only quality ingredients sourced from plant-based materials. Products that are less than 100% vegan contain ingredients of animal by-products only such as beeswax, honey, milk from cows or goats, and yogurts. We do not use lard or tallow in our soaps and other products. All Earth Care products are strictly against animal testing.

Earth Care Organic Homemade products

Earth Care 'Wake Me Up' Organic Handmade Bodyscrub
A refreshing blend of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, organic steel-cut oatmeal and citrus (sweet orange, lemon and pink grapefruit essential oils). If you like the scent of citrus, you will LOVE this!

When used externally, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, soothes muscle aches and removes toxins from the body.

Earth Care Wake Me Up Organic Handmade Bodyscrub

It's just rough enough to scrub away excess dead skin while oatmeal replenishes the moisture and the citrus fruits fight acne skin.

Ingredients : Pink Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, glycerin soap base, colloidal oatmeal, basil seeds. Essential oils (sweet orange, lemon, pink grapefruit).

Price : RM 24/150g

Earth Care Wake Me Up scrub

Earth Care Goaty Melons Organic Handmade Bodysoap
Goat's milk is full of nourishment and helps moisturize skin while um.. honeydew is yummy. Smells really nice as well; mostly lemongrass. I was actually really surprised that this soap cleanses even better than the handmade soaps I've tried previously and Brand X liquid soaps which I purchased from the supermarket. Although it removes dirt well, my skin is still kept hydrated. Magic!

Earth Care Goaty Melons Organic Handmade Bodysoap

Ingredients : Extra virgin olive oil, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, vitamin E, sodium hydroxide, fresh goat's milk, honeydew, titanium dioxide. Essential oils (sweet orange, lavender, rose geranium, rosemary, lemongrass)
Soaps are superfatted at 5% with sweet almond oil for extra moisturized, soft and smooth skin.

Price : RM 18/100g

Earth Care Goaty Melons soap

I recommend you to cut this up into halves or quarters to be used in the shower. Get a container for it to sit in to dry and do not submerge in water. Goaty Melons produces a good amount of lather that is creamy and rich. I love using it everyday.

Lathering the Earth Care Goaty Melons soap

Earth Care Lip Balms
The range of lip balms caught my attention because of the shea butter content, which is well known to have great moisturizing properties. They not only moisturize your lips but protect them from UV rays as well.

Price : RM 12/tube (6g)

Earth Care Lip Balms

Maccha van Nilla
Smells just like green tea and vanilla! Reminds me of a Starbucks drink.

Ingredients : Unrefined shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, green tea powder. Fragrance oils (vanilla).

Earth Care Maccha van Nilla lip balm

Berry Berry Honey
It's supposed to be strawberry but it smells like a yummy blend of berries. No complains at all because I love berry scents.

Ingredients : Unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil infused with purple gromwell, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, organic raw honey. Essential oils (strawberry).

Earth Care Berry Berry Honey lip balm

Out of the 2, my favourite is Berry Berry Honey but that's just because of the smell. They're both equally as moisturizing. The balm melts slightly when in contact with lips and spreads a loving layer onto lips. It doesn't feel oily and works under lipstick.

Results from Earth Care lip balm

Find it hard to remind yourself to apply lip balm? Yummy ones will provide motivation xD

Reviewing Earth Care lip balms


Samantha from Earth Care was kind enough to provide some goodies for my Malaysian readers! Fill in the Rafflecopter to join~

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** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. ShaneeChandar06 July, 2014 11:30

    I would like to try the Wake Me Up Organic Homemade Body scrub. And the goaty melons organic handmade bodysoap :)

  2. I would like to get either the bubblegum berry or the naturalist soap. So undecisive! and for the scrub, I would like to get Asian Romance body scrub.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  3. Goat's milk and honeydew handmade body soap. *Gasp* Look at all that lather! Must smell super good also right? :P

  4. Can I own both? they are so temptinggggggg

    If I have the chance, I would like to own 'Wake Me Up' Organic Handmade Bodyscrub because i loveeeee citrus scent..

  5. Handmade soap! I like rich and thick lather foam that doesn't dry the skin!

  6. Yes my bathroom smelled lovely last night =p

  7. Yay! Another citrus lover <3

  8. Yes! Usually thick lathers dry your skin but this doesn't ^_^

  9. Haliemah Zahari08 July, 2014 17:52

    I'd like to try the Goat's Milk and Honeydew soap! Its ingredients sounds yummy... xD

  10. It's the top, isn't it? The little waves look like the top of a cake xD

  11. Hi I actually got attracted by the SUPER RICH foam of Earth Care Goaty Melons Organic Handmade Bodysoap on your hand!It looks super promising and smooth enough as Goat milk itself will never go wrong! I also love their lovely packaging as well..!

  12. Goat Milk Soap looks super yummy to me!! It looks like a piece of cake omg!


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