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TruDtox Review - Poorify Your Body

Accumulated toxins in your body can dampen your body's natural functions. Your body tries to tell you in signs like constipation, acne, allergies and tiredness. To keep yourself in the best condition, it is good to detox once in a while.


I read some concerns online and I would just like to note that..

TruDtox does not contain Senna
Prolonged use of Senna in certain detox drinks can be harmful with its side effects. It causes hardening of intestinal linings and the colon will lose its natural ability to contract. Yuck. This is known as bowel dependency and you will get constipation without it. Thankfully, TruDtox does not contain any Senna or laxatives. In fact, it is classified as food by the Ministry of Health.

TruDtox details

This box of 15+2 tea bags costs RM 88.50 which is not too bad.

Sachets of TruDtox

Hot water and TruDtox

Brew TruDtox for 20-30 minutes

The best method would be to boil it for 20-30 minutes but when I'm lazy I put it in a cup of boiling water and cover it for half an hour. I also toss it into a flask of boiling water occasionally.

Cover TruDtox in a cup

When it's a dark brown colour, it's ready. Smells & tastes like light Chinese herbs but not in a smelly way. I kinda liked it, actually.

TruDtox is ready when its brown

It will cause some bowel movement 8-10 hours after consumption so they recommended me to consume it at night before bed so that I can go to the washroom in the morning.

1st cup
Omgggg... Felt a pain in my stomach which was rather painful and I got diarrhoea several times. According to TruDtox, this is normal and is because my body has a lot to detox. True to their words, the pain only lasted as long as my toilet trips.

2nd cup
Still diarrhoea but no more pain.

3rd cup onwards
Watery poo that is almost diarrhoea. I read online that the body uses water to flush the toxins out which is why it causes diarrhoea. So it is recommended to consume lots of water to compensate. Btw, anything that comes out is darker and smellier than usual =x

It felt good to eliminate the bad stuff from my body. If you constantly have constipation and feel like your body is getting tired or weighed down, you can give TruDtox a try.

TruDtox ingredients list

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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