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Modbox - Affordable Beauty Box in Malaysia

Okay, I know these beauty boxes are about trying new samples but having a full sized product sure is a treat!
*Take note the one in this post is a special box for bloggers which has more products to introduce all of them.

Modbox beauty box

As usual, you get to pick 3 products for RM 9 + postage.

First Product Choice A

Shaire London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo (RM 35.90/60 ml)
Contains Malaysian seaweed extract to strengthen and repair hair! #MalaysiaBoleh During this water rationing period, you can spray this 1-2 times a day to revitalize your hair. You can also mask scents that get trapped in your hair like smoke and your hair will smell great. Suitable for people with very long working hours, with oily scalp or are under confinement.

Shaire London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo review

First Product Choice B

Rescare Aqua Peeling Face Exfoliating Spray (RM 78/150ml)
Remove dull dead skin with this product to reveal brighter luminous skin underneath! Pump out the foam and massage it all over your face until they lump up. If the lumps are brownish or greyish, it means your face is dirty! It's pretty gentle and contains hydrating ingredients so you can use it 1-2 times a week.

Rescare Aqua Peeling Face Exfoliating Spray review

Second Product Choice A
Choice B & C are sold out =(

Miacare Acne Patch for Day (RM 9.90/12 patches - sample has 3 patches)
You've heard enough about acne cream but what about an acne patch? Stick one directly on your pimple and it will absorb the pus, keep it clean and heal it without leaving scars. It's almost invisible and can be worn under makeup. Le bf only noticed it after a few hours xD It managed to heal my new pimple overnight while concealing it.

Miacare Acne Patch for Day review

Bad breath can be a very embarrassing thing caused by bacteria in your mouth. Get rid of it with these Dentiste products.

Bad breath

Third Product Choice A

Dentiste Oral Rinse (RM 25.90/380 ml - sample is 50ml)
The Oral Rinse neutralizes pH level and increases saliva flow which cleans and reduces bacterial deposit. One 50ml sample can last me about a week. It's not too 'spicy' and is very refreshing.

Gargling Dentiste Oral Rinse

Third Product Choice B

Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (RM 25.90/160g - sample is 5g)
Paired the Oral Rinse with this toothpaste at night because that's when bacteria have a party in your mouth and leave you with morning breath. Oh, the horror! Equipped with 14 natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients, it not only leaves you with less-deadly breath in the morning but also protects your gums.

Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste review

Now I can sleep peacefully.. I actually enjoy going to sleep with minty breath!

Dentiste product review

You can get your own Modbox too at for only RM 9 + postage!

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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