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Car Washing During a Drought

With this water crisis going on right now, my colleague has been getting barely any water for more than a week so every time I open a tap, I think of her and I just feel so bad for using up the water. I'm shocked at how some people are still luxuriously using this very precious resource.

Things like cooking, drinking, bathing, etc I get it.. But I drove past my neighbour standing outside her house watering ONE potted plant with a whole tsunami of water as she stood there dreaming.

That poor little flower did not need ALL that water =/

I haven't washed my car in forever. FYI, my car is red but it's almost PINK now from all the dirt =x I was too lazy wanted to save water.

Actually, you can still wash your car BUT using these tips!

1) Use a wet cloth/sponge instead of hosing your car down

2) Use water you've collected from the rain in a pail, not from the hose (be careful of mosquito larvae though!). You can also use water which you used to rinse vegetables, rice etc.

3) Use minimal soap so you have less to rinse off

4) After it rains, wipe your car or else it will leave stains

I haven't been taking my own advice lol but if you have any other tips, you can leave them below! Maybe that'll motivate me to wash my car =/

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