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Amazing Pedas Springs Spa in Genting Highlands

Welcome to Paradise..

Pamper Experience Detox Aromatherapy Stress relief

Unlike other spas I've been to, Pedas Springs doesn't offer just facial/massage/spa. It is the complete experience.. From the moment you step in, you will feel as though you are in a different place. It is serene, peaceful and relaxing. Instead of being lead to a small, cramped and dark treatment room, you get to enjoy the whole 15000 square feet facility. All this high up above the clouds in Genting Highlands!

The Lakeview Garden Terrace is an open air area where you can enjoy the cool, refreshing weather.

The view you get from the terrace. 

Floating villa! So romantic..

No, not just normal chairs.. 

It's a movie lounge! But many people just curl up and sleep here because it's so comfy. I always feel tired after a pampering session and wish I can take a nap but instead I have to rush to pay my parking ticket, find my car then brave through the jam. This is not the case at all at Pedas Spring.. You leave all your stress and trouble behind.

Welcome foot soak!~ I must say.. The warm soak with peppermint is sooo nice with the cold weather. The staff are extremely professional.

Pedas Springs provides not just a cup of welcome tea but food! Yes, you shouldn't start your journey with an empty stomach. The cheesecake was so good Fish almost sapu-ed all of it =x

This ABC soup omgomgomgomg! So amazing, I tell you.. I had like 5 bowls of this! I'm sorry we almost finished the whole pot but it's too yummy to resist.

Bubur Cha Cha wasn't too sweet and was just perfect. 

Benny (Operation Manager) showing us the Ginger Tea which customers come just to taste it =O 

Love how everything here is so 'zen' all the way to their cups and saucers. At first the ginger tea is a bit 'spicy' but as it goes down, you can feel the warmth within you. 

And that's the story of how 6 hungry girls almost finished the food =x

Apart from the wi-fi available, customers may also use the computers but honestly, who has time for this when you're in such a beautiful place? =P 

The bathroom in a spa is also important to me xD

They have hair dryers, hair gel, talc and even body lotion.

New towels, body wash, shampoo and conditioner are provided. Water temperature fully controllable using hot & cold taps.

Oh I forgot to mention.. Once you enter, you change into these bathrobes, slippers and shawls. Yes, you literally leave everything behind (in your locker) once you enter. 

Oolala... We loved the jacuzzi! It uses spring water too =O

Also tried out the Steam Room where they used Eucalyptus essential oil. Next was the Infra Room which looks like a sauna except you didn't have to pour the water and all. Instead, they use some kinda special metal plate. In the entire area, Aunty Linda was present to make sure we didn't spend too much time inside (for health purposes) and made sure we hydrated sufficiently.

Relax Lounge where we got a foot steam. The minty hot steam can go around hard to reach areas and kill bacteria.

Suites are available for customers who prefer more privacy, Muslim women, couples or families (with removable dividers).

Suites are equipped with their own shower, sauna/jacuzzi and outdoor sitting area facing the lake. 

We were led to the treatment room in this Japanese-like area.

The dim lighting (I had my camera flash on here), music and aroma made it very easy to relax during our massage. My masseuse was good, with perfect pressure and she managed to find some knots, concentrating on them. The moment she moved to my head, I just wanted to doze off right there, right then. Just pure bliss.. 

Area for foot reflexology.

Pedas Springs has their own in-house brand, Bliss. 

Refresh smells orangey, Relax is a bit like spices while strangely I found ReEnergize to smell of chocolates! XD 

To complete our pampering journey, we got our nails done! 

My manicurist, Anna, is so pretty and has the sexiest English! My manicure was done swiftly without mistakes. I even got an OPI hand soak that moisturizes the skin and cuticles.

Chose one of the OPI Liquid Sands because they're so pretty! I believe this shade is Bond Girls.

Didn't wanna leave but it was getting late =( 

You can contact Pedas Springs for more information. Apart from the services above, they also offer facials, waxing, tummy trim treatment and ear candling. Pedas Springs is suitable for men, women and children. You can also hold corporate events or birthday parties here.

Purchase of services* entitles you access to the facilities including the jacuzzi, sauna, food etc.

Pedas Springs 
Tel03-6101 1385
Email :
Operation Hours9am-3am (Sun-Thurs), 24 hours (Fri, Sat & Public holiday eves)
AddressLot No.1.17, First World Plaza,
Genting Highlands Resort
*From First World Lobby (Starbucks), it is just across the road.

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