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Mivva August - Flower Power

The August box is themed 'Flower Power'. Upon opening it, I was indeed hit with a wave of floral scent!

Not bad not bad..

Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set (RM28)
I have already encountered this range during the launch. Funny thing was I gave this exact set away and now I got another one! Love the rose scent~

Di Palomo Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive Enriching Hand & Nail Cream (RM59/75ml)
I had previously tried their rose range and it smelt so floral! With the Orange word in this, I mistakenly thought it will smell orangey but noppee.

Absorbs without making my hands greasy or sticky! With ingredients like olive, honey and grapeseed oil, it does sound like something my hands would appreciate.

F-Cup Cookies (RM78/14 sticks)
You might have heard of this already but due to my unpleasant experience with another product, I avoided it until now.

It tastes like butter cookies! So so fragrant and yummy to eat x.x You are advised to drink lots of water too which will make the cookies expand and you'll feel full.

The chocolate flavour is like butter cookies except with a punch of chocolatey smell and taste. Now I understand why girls said they were hooked onto the taste.

Dermedex Challenge Pack (RM30)
Dermedex is a brand I'm not familiar with but reading the description, it did get me pretty curious. The Bio'tox Cleanser also functions as a mask and even an overnight mask. The Refining Cream 2 claims to soften blackheads & dead skin cells, control growth of germs, relieve heat and rid toxins to deter excessive oil secretion, clear clogged pores, remove pimples and relieve swelling. That's a lot of claims for one product!

Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner (RM16.90/220ml or RM33.90/550ml)
Until now I have not tried Tsubaki so this is perfect! The 40ml bottles are sufficient for me to test out their hair healing properties. Dry, permed, colour-treated, coarse, split ends.. all those things they claim to fix, I have it!

I-Gel Aire Refreshing Drops (RM18.80/10ml)
I wear contact lenses frequently so this should come in handy.. My eyes are on the drier side and these are safe to be used with contact lenses.

I reached the bottom and discovered the culprit behind the lovely smelling box. Really thoughtful of the Mivva team!

I like the variety in this box which covers different areas of your body but if you look closely, less than half of the items are under the theme 'Flower Power' xD Well, at least the box smelt of it =)

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  1. you are still quite into beauty box eh? lately so many competition in the beauty box market, i think i see some improvement in some of them already. not bad..

  2. Okay lar.. Some of them are still promising with not bad contents while others.... =x


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