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Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (No.6 Juicy Orange)

Okay finally reviewing this cutey!

Bought this from Veronica Holic on Qoo10. I received the parcel after 10 days and delivery was free! If she hasn't changed the link, you can find the product HERE.

I purchased #6 Juicy Orange but it was a tough choice because I just wanted to get all of them! Love the ears! 

Btw, that sticker is such a pain to remove.. It makes the cover really sticky =(

Just twist the bottom to push the product out. You only get that much of product but it's only RM 13+ so no complains..

Smells amazingly of oranges (think Vitamin C chewables) and of course, the colour is pretty orangey as well. Glides on smoothly and it has a certain shine to it. Look really really closely and you can spot fine shimmer.

On my lips, it's more of a sheer natural coral colour. It's slightly moisturizing too.

Colour is really natural and great for girls who like the au naturale look =) 

I might actually get a few more just because they're so cute! Plus I bet they will make great affordable gifts.


  1. Aiyerrr.... super cute!!!

  2. Oooh you bought this! I wanted to get it last time but the reviews all said they're very sheer and they all look almost the same colour lol. The expression on the cap is really cute though XD

  3. It disappears really fast too D= But so cute larh!

  4. I've been wanting to try this gloss bar because they are so cute but I am confused because there are so many to choose :S Thank you for the nice review! :)


  5. I've read that the colours are quite sheer anyway so if you're planning to get more than one, get really different colours! ^^


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