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Alternative for Google Reader

As you might know by now, Google Reader will not be available anymore! I'm not sure what you're using to read this right now but ever since they made those changes with Google Friend Connect (that allows you to follow someone), I've been kinda lost but then out popped NuffnangX! It has the same functions and you can even read from your phone.

To transfer your feeds from GR to NNX, click HERE then search for "Import Subscriptions from Google Reader". Also works for other readers =)

Bookmark your fav blogs! - Not very effective in my experience.. Tend to just forget to read =x

You can also follow my Facebook page for updates but I do post random contests there and  only a small percentage actually see it pop up in their news feed.

Following my personal account also enables you to see my blog updates but there will also be really unrelated stuff lol

Then there's Twitter, where feeds get lost among the updates =/

So tell me, how are you following your favourite blogs right now? I would like to know if there are better alternatives!

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  1. I'm using Bloglovin right now. It's pretty convenience ^^


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