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Realized my blog is now just full of product reviews, food and ads. Here's some small updates, mainly accompanied by photos on IG xD

Flight (2012) - Denzel Washington! Looked like a good movie, storyline was good but some parts just didn't seem quite right. Like the first part (if not censored in local cinemas) where the girl was walking unnecessarily around naked. Like wtf? Think this is porn meh..? Then the scene at the hospital stairwell, gosh that was one long boring conversation. Glad it picked up pace towards the end and saved the movie.

Spiders (2013) - A movie about huge spiders from outerspace? Sounds cheesy but still possibly an okay watch right? NOPE! Stopped halfway cos it was just too terrible so I'm not sure if it got any better.

If you understand Cantonese and would like a good laugh, catch Hotel Deluxe or Journey to the West instead!

Pinkish eye makeup and pink cheongsam for CNY reunion dinner with Hong Kong relatives + grand uncle's 90th birthday party! The chocolate cake from Celicakes was super nice!

Got new glasses (right) for RM 20 at Vincci but still undecided if I should settle for them to be made into my daily 'powered' glasses. Bf says I've been undecided for a year =x

Was checking out these Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascaras since my hair is browner now. My sis ended up buying one from Dolly Wink but you know.. I'm just undecided wtf Kanebo Lunasol has one too but I haven't had the chance to try it.

Another reunion dinner with sister's in-laws at Hiong Kong Restaurant. Miss the food already!

Baby Carlson's getting big!

Manja like crazy...

Spotted our duck hanging on the wall weirdly wth

Cousin's wedding dinner!

Dress RM 25 from Sungei Wang.

Loved the lil jar of honey they provided for the guest. Such a great alternative to other 'wedding couple items'. Not like we're going to use stuff (salt & pepper shaker, glasses etc) with your names on it =/

First time le bf met my family! Went up to Genting for dinner and it was SO misty outside.

Been testing out this Esmeria shampoo for sensitive scalp. I have been considering switching to organic shampoo ever since I noticed dry flakes on my scalp which weren't dandruff. Noticed Esmeria looking for people to test it and jumped at the opportunity!

Wth back to food again =/ Cannot be avoided!

My first taste of melty egg served with ramen! Omg~~~ So dam good.. I'm not amazed by the food at Sakae Sushi but THAT EGG!

Crazy 6am nasi lemak at Sungai Way. Totally worth it! It's located outside the kopitiam beside the market.

Hooked onto these icy desserts! From UFO because it's near my house. Preferring soya ice over cincau ice nowadays~

Tebe Soap Bar and samples! They're made from olives, which I love eating. Though I wouldn't eat these.. xD

Leaders InSolution masks from CathyJoy!

Enchanteur perfume, won from Fatin's giveaway. Actually smells quite good~ This marks my 3rd bottle lol Not really a perfume collector =/

Prize from Cellnique Blogger Contest. Awesome! I gave the jewellery box away though. I've already tried the body lotion and it's gooodd.. Le bf freaked out when I told him I'm using RM 59 body lotion for his legs lolol

My first beauty box, the Malaysian debut of Vanity Trove. Been digging into the contents happily ;)

And this is when I realize.. I haven't really been updating about my personal life on my blog, FB or Instagram =/ Well I guess nothing much happened and then CNY came and well, nothing really happened as well lolz


  1. nice cheongsam Isabel! :) HAPPY CNY to you and family!

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  2. Wow you look so good in your black and white dress. Classy but still very young and hot.

    I always love food posts, I wish I could eat food like that here in the US.

  3. Waited forever for a suitable time to wear it! LOL Nah.. There are awesome food everywhere!


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