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Easy No-Sew DIY Cropped Top

So I was in an emotional cut-everything-up mood. Turned out to be productive though!

Grabbed a t-shirt I didn't really fancy but thought the design was too wasteful to throw away. It's not a BAD top but just so mehh...

Warning : DO NOT do this on any fabrics that fray easily as this doesn't involve sewing.

Prepare a good scissors & fabric pencil/marker. Turn the shirt inside out so the marker won't be that visible.

Cut the bottom hem off. Measure the minimum length you want (amount of tummy you wanna show lol) and mark it with a fabric pencil. Draw a line from there to the bottom, across the middle so it's a diagonal line. At the end of it, cut a slit up to your minimum length height.

You should now be left with this strange asymmetrical looking top with a slit on the longer side.

At the slit, tie the two ends into a knot and voila! You have a cropped top. Also, that bottom hem which I cut off earlier? Turned it into a ribbon hairband! Super easy and useful.

Wore it out for a casual day! If you're tummy-shy, pair it with high waisted shorts.

I think this is quite easy and I might do the same to some of my other tops =x

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