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Shills Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask

Wasn't too sure what's the exact name of this mask with so many words =/ Mask claims to be able to draw out and decompose FAT and dirt in pores @_@ Well, I've heard of the wonders of charcoal in absorbing smell but it's definitely a first for fats. Also works to brighten skin, tighten pores and improve complexion.

Sheet looks strangely like seaweed xD It's of a fabric material which isn't too fragile but doesn't feel thick or heavy. I was pretty amused as this is my first time using a black sheet mask. Funny how a black mask is supposed to whiten your face xD

Size and shape is alright. Mine's a lil wonky around the eyes and nose..

The sheet is super moist with essence but doesn't drip at all. It hugs my face comfortably without falling off.

After 20 minutes, the mask begins to dry up a little which is the indicator for you to remove it. The remaining essence dries up really fast without leaving any stickiness. However, if you wet your face, you will realize that it's still there.

Glad to see that the black colour of the mask didn't transfer to my face xD Or I would be very 'black faced' indeed! In fact, my face seemed brightened apart from being hydrated. Not sure if it managed to suck any fats out of my pores lolz I enjoyed using this mask and wouldn't mind using it again ^_^

More info HERE
Size : 25 ml
Price : RM 59.90 for 7 pcs

** Product was provided by the company for free. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I want to try out more masks! I'd like to try a whitening one to see if it would even out any acne scarring. Your skin looks nice and healthy afterwards!

  2. I believe IF the mask works, you would have to use it continuously to see results. Those 'overnight whitening' things don't convince me

  3. I would be afraid that it would turn my face black too x__x At least it worked out okay!! 'w'



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