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It's Christmas Every Month (5 Boxes to be Won!)

Not sure about you but I like surprises. Just like Christmas morning, with mystery boxes under the tree! Imagine receiving one every month and it's full of beauty surprises so you can pamper yourself! *hint hint to bf*

How does it work? Simply create an account, subscribe for a trove and wait for it! After trying out the products, you can share your experiences HERE or read what others have to say.

Most of us buy it for ourselves #foreveralone but you can also send one to your wife, BFF, colleague or girlfriend *hint hint again* You can sign up for the 3/6/12 months package and a box will reach your wife/gf every month. Don't have to worry about forgetting her presents anymore xD

What I like is that each month has it's own theme and the products are specially chosen to fit into the theme.

The next trove will contain products from this theme! Looks really pretty.. ^^ The February edition is still available for subscription until 14th January and you'll receive your trove before the end of the month.

The February trove marks their debut in Malaysia and they're having a giveaway to celebrate!

Click HERE to for more info!


  1. First and foremost, Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy this special day!

    Mystery boxes sounds nice! I opened my mystery stocking this morning... I love what was hiding inside =)

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE your domain name - sugarcoatedmuffin, haha, too cute!


  2. Merry Christmas babe!

    Love such boxes of vanity and beauty treasures:D


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