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Tuition is NOT a Kiasu Thing

When I was in Form 4, I skipped many classes and was missing out on a lot. I get single digit marks for Additional Mathematics if it's not a big fat zero. Suddenly, one day I decided to go for class and the teacher asked me "Who are you? You are not in my class, are you?" YES! That's how often I skip classes. Obviously, my grades plummeted and something had to be done. Before the next year started, I got a home tutor and attempted to squeeze 2 years of Additional Maths & Chemistry into one year =/

In the end, I got A for both subjects in SPM! So yes, the tuition really helped me but not all are good. I signed up for a class previously and found it useless cos the teacher is very fast and her lessons are not specially designed for each student according to their pace & level. Also, in a class of 20, I only get 5% of her attention. Honestly, private tutors are the best but I only found mine because she's a friend of my sister.

That's where websites like THIS come in.

If you enable the website to access your location, you can even choose to view only tutors within 10/25/50/100 km from you! So canggih already..

You know how you're afraid of buying phones online in case you receive just a box of rocks? It's the same with tutors! So here, they have a 'ranking system' to let you evaluate the tutors.

Now let's reverse the scenario. If you are a tutor giving tuition, it's not ideal for you to be standing outside schools giving out leaflets, okay. There's a whole pool of jobs here waiting for you.

If you think you need tuition, go for it! It is not a sign of 'kiasu' and could actually help you!

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