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Empties / Short Reviews

Not a bad soap but not impressive enough to prevent me from trying other soaps!

Average mask. Prefer the chamomile one but will repurchase this if the chamomile is out of stock.

Definitely worth repurchasing with such a cheap price tag! But I got another brand to try first.

4) Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover
Gentle and effective (although not as effective as some, especially in removing glitters). Not TOO harsh on my nails but it does dry them slightly.

Love the refreshing effect it gives my eyes. Wanted to repurchase but it was sold out =(

Gosh.. Seems I'm finishing my masks this month =_=" Still one of the better brightening masks I've tried. Already repurchased 2 boxes!

LOVE! Already repurchased.

8) Laneige Water Bank Essence sample
Light gel essence that helps to hydrate skin but not really enough for me.

9) Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream sample
Feels just like the essence o.0

10) Laneige Sleeping Mask sample
I wake up to smooth soft skin the next morning. Aiming to purchase when I have the moolah!

11) Laneige Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eye Cream sample
Quite a good eye cream but the price kills (about RM300?). I saw it on discount on though!

Worth repurchasing but I already have another variant of this =)

13) Kanebo Blanchir Superior White Deep Clear Conditioner
My face feels fresh, hydrated and prepared for the next steps after applying this. I still have more of this so not repurchasing yet.

14) Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam
Facial wash that lathers easily into a thick foam. Only a small amount is needed! Do not use too much or else it'll be too drying.

15) Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel sample
This product hydrates skin and immediately gives you matte skin. Love that it's gel based and absorbs well. Upon application, I felt this cool minty sensation! Great for hot days.

16) Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate sample
As I quite liked the one for eyes, I asked for a sample of this. I loved the warm feeling it gives when it comes in contact with my skin. My skin immediately looked smoother. The product has that slippery-silicone feel to it so I'm not sure if it's just temporarily covering the lines. Unfortunately, my face broke out from it before I could find out =(


  1. Wah, you sure have a lot of skincare products! I quite like the Watsons masks, but I probably won't repurchase unless it's on sale/promo. :D

  2. Samples la.. xD hahaha.. And this is accumulated over 3-4 months =x

    Yeah, it's always on sale anyway! Or you can try Sasatinnie mask!

  3. I love laniege's sleeping mask, bestest :) You should get one !


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