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A Grandpa Poses Better Than You

I like online window shopping and sometimes hop to random blogshops. One thing that really puts me off is seeing 'models' that are so kayu (stiff), trying too hard or just don't look good.

I remember one where the girl bent her body in really weird angles (like trying to touch your toes mid air while standing or if it's REALLY windy and you're a leaf). Hilarious.. Or that one where she looks the same in every single photo. Even a grandpa poses better than you, alright!

No, seriously.

This story made it into several newspapers!

Liu Xianpig is a 72 year old grandfather and he became famous because he dressed up in female clothes and posed for his granddaughter's online shop, Yuekou.

Here are some of my favourite shots!

Her grandpa is so awesome! Girls are going gaga about his slim legs and he poses ridiculously well!


  1. I love this! He is so cool!

  2. LOL! Oh my goodness, that is the BEST grandfather ever! He's so open minded! :D

  3. I love his outfit in the first pic of the bottom row LOLOLOL
    Awesome grandpa is awesome. :D

  4. OMG!! That's is super funny!! Her granddaughter is really creative and kudos for the awesome grandpa!!

  5. LOL! This grandpa is damn fashionable. Very smart of his granddaughter to use that as a marketing gimmick! Love it

    Actually, I prefer the blogshop models to be kayu as long as they take pics from front, side and back view. I don't like them posing cos it contorts the garment sometimes

  6. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, it was the grandpa's idea

  7. His leg is slimmer than me x5!


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