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Skinlite Nose Pore Cleansing Strip

I already lost the box so this is the individual sheet. Got this from Sasa. Previously I was using the Daiso Natural Pack. Although the Daiso one is almost pain free, I wouldn't say it's very effective in removing blackheads.

Product says

The strip has this very fresh and bean-y scent that's quite pleasant. It's almost like a thick fabric with a plastic on the sticky side.

Step 1 : Wet your nose thoroughly. Make sure it's wet enough or else the strip won't stick!

Step 2 : DRY your hands then peel the strip off the plastic. If your hands aren't dry enough, the strip will become really sticky and stick to your hand.

Step 3 : Place the strip on your wet nose and press it to ensure contact with skin. These are the 3 main points I concentrate on. If you feel like it isn't sticking, peel off the area and add a tiny bit of water.

I found that it was much more effective compared to the Daiso Natural Pack but it also managed to peel off my skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Fixed that with some moisturizer though.


  1. I hate pore strips that don't work >:

    I like your cute bow necklace though it barely peeks out ^_^

  2. Oh shoot! I was referring to the Daiso one that isn't very effective. Now when I read back, I can see how misleading that sentence is. Thanks!

  3. AH okay thanks for clarifying that ^_^

  4. I tried this before. It was okay but the one from Biore works better on me personally. I was once told to go for the men's pore pack instead of the women's. I heard it is more effective.

  5. But also more harsh right? My nose will peel like mad !


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