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GEO Xtra WTB35 Grey from Uniqso

Glad to have new lenses to play with, thanks to Uniqso!

I don't normally like grey or black lenses as they're a bit dull. Colourful lenses always intrigue me. However, I took a chance with these GEO Xtra WTB35 and didn't regret it. Even though it's a circle lens, the ring is not too thick and it's not exactly round on the inside.

From the picture provided, it seems to follow the design of a diamond. Actually, they are also known as the Diamond series.

Firstly, I have to say that their specially made packaging is so adorable!

The lenses are wrapped in bubble wrap then fit tightly into the box so they're safe.

They come in the usual glass vials. Wrong code on the vial! Ignore that..

Enlargement effect of these lenses are huge! **Eye redness not caused by contacts**

Close up! Gosh love how they make my eyes sparkle even though there's no colour! Eyeshadow is Elf Drama palette.

Not sure why this set of photos don't really look like me. Probably cos of the fringe.

Dyed the roots (RM 69), got a scalp treatment (RM 35) and cut my fringe at Storm. The fringe is not very satisfactory but love how my hair looks after blow drying.

GEO Xtra is also available in other colours like Blue, Brown & Pink which look like semi precious stones ^_^

Comfort wise, it's quite good and not too drying. They were softer than my usual lenses but that didn't affect much. From my experience, the longer you wear lenses, they become harder and less comfortable so this should stay good for a longer time? =/

This is priced at $21.90 but there's a promotion where  you get a bigger discount with purchase of more pairs. Also, they have a rewards program which includes points collection & free lenses.

Water content : 38%
Diameter : 15 mm
Price : $21.9

** Product was provided by Uniqso for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. i love this! i wanted a pair like this but i have astigmatism so theres only limited choices for me.

  2. I've always loved the Diamond series, and you look really good in them! :D And wow, we have the same prescription too lol

  3. Are you kidding me?! It's rare to find people with high power like me. I always get that =O face when I tell people!

  4. Yeah, toric lenses are so expensive! =( Fortunately, my astig is not too high. Some people make 'astig glasses' so that they can wear normal lenses and wear the glasses on top of the lenses when driving etc.

  5. These lenses look so pretty on you :0

  6. Wow. o: Shiny eyes, indeed. They really make your eyes sparkle~~. And it's good that they're so comfy, too.

    I really, really like your hair colour. <3 The fringe? I agree with you: it's not quite satisfactory. (Maybe because it's so 'choppy'? Maybe it it was more smooth/straight?...)

  7. LOL yes the word is choppy =/ And the stylist was like 'oh ok so you just want a slight trim right?' BAM! =_="


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