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OPI Fit for a Queensland

Ever since I got my nails done at bmic, I've been looking for the OPI nail polish they used on me. It's a white base with pink/green duochrome kinda =/

Then I bumped into Wen of Secret Allure at her booth in my college. Asked her if she had something that looked like it and she recommended me this : Fit for a Queensland.

Not very visible on camera but it's slightly pinkish/greenish.

Their Exclusive Prowide Brush is actually really nice to use. The design and brush density makes it easy and quick to apply the nail polish.

At one coat, it's pretty sheer.

This is 3 coats without top coat. Still kinda sheer but look at how shiny it is! It looks better in photos though. IRL, the pale colour doesn't really match my skin tone. I don't think it's the one I'm looking for either. Seems too pink and lacking the green. Looks more like white base with fine pink shimmer.

Price : RM 30+??
Bought from : Secret Allure
Made in USA


  1. Suzanne_Gleamace03 June, 2012 22:58

    I love nude feel to it! Where did you get OPIs so cheap? I want! :D

  2. nice and long nails you have! :D 

    visit my blog yaaa :3

  3. Most online shops are like RM 3x while the shops are selling at RM 60 or so. I understand this is because shops claim to get their stock direct from OPI while those cheaper ones get from other suppliers who got it cheaper from the factory. It is illegal of the factory to do so and I believe OPI decided to sue all of them? But anyway, cheap alternatives are always good xD

  4. Love your long nails and I like the sheer color with 1 coat or 3 coats are still gorgeous <3


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